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Instructor Coleman Process Analysis June 5, 2000 The 123's of "Pimpin" Women in the world today make the world go-round. They are the basis of all operations in American today. They can operate in either their homes or on the streets. It is tradition for women to work in the home as house wives, but now women are starting to work on the streets. In order for women to work on the streets, they have to have an employer. That is where you come in. First, you have to recruit the women. Therefore, you start by looking at the malls and clubs, that is where the women with style will be. You can also look in your own neighborhood. This is one of the best places to recruit the women because they already know you and you know their ways. Another good place to find good women would be on the streets. There are always other women that need a pimp or want to leave their current one. In recruiting the women, you have to give them incentives to get them to want to work for you. You can offer them free housing or gifts such as: jewelry, cars, and furs. Second, you have to put them on the street corners. This is not as easy as it appears. Intern for making them work the streets for you have to provide them shelter, food, and protection. This can be a little complicated if it is not well thought out. All you have to do is purchase a run-down house with light and running water, fill the refrigerator with various foods, and they will be all right. Do not forget about the protection. The streets can become a very dangerous place for the women and without the proper protection someone could take them from you. Occasionally throughout the day drive by the corners and check to make sure that the women are doing their jobs right. Third, you have to collect your money from the women. Go to the corners and to the house that you provided for them and collect your money. This is the worst part of the procedure, because if they do not have any money for you have to take action. If the women do not have any of your money you have to start asking probing questions like: Did you give my money to another pimp? Did you trick off my money? Did you leave the corner after I left you there? If any of these answers are yes you have to do what most pimps do not enjoy. Now you must strip the women of everything that you gave them because they can do nothing for you now. They are worthless in you are your pursuit to make money. For the women that do have money for you, collect it from them and tally-up your profits. If you spent more money than you made then you are losing money and you have to re-think your procedure starting with recruiting, but if you made more money then you spent you have profited. In some cases, the better-looking women bring in more money than most of the other women. When and if this occurs it is best to award them for they great performance to motivate them to want to do more good work in the future. You could take them out to dinner, buy them gifts, or even give them a bonus. Women are the most vital tools in American survival today. The tradition of women working in the homes is slowly deplenishing they are now taking to the streets to make a better living for their families.
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