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William Shakespeare created a play called "Twelth Night," which involves love and the bringing together of three different couples. The Duke of Illyria, Orsino, has a profound love for Olivia. Viola disguises herself as her twin brother, Cesario, whom she believed was deceased and was able to work in the employ of Orsino in hopes that she would aid him in enticing Olivia for him. In fact, Cesario, also known as, Viola falls in love with Orsino during this process. One of Olivia's servants, Maria, wanted revenge against Malvolio for his actions and attitude. Maria decides to give Mavoilo a love letter which he supposeably believed was written by Olivia. Mavolio looks like a complete fool due to his belief that Olivia was in love with him when in fact she was not. Later in the play Cesario attempts to entice Olivia for Duke Orsino, but in this Cesario is informed by Olivia that she has fallen in love with him not the Duke. While this is occurring, Sir Andrew was still hoping to win the love of Olivia. Sir Andrew decided to give up on his conquest for Olivia's love, but Sir Toby suggested to him to fight Cesario in the attempt to impress Olivia and perhaps win her affection. Upon the confrontation, Cesario turns down the fight. Sebastian, Viola's twin brother, finally makes it to Illyria with Antonio, his friend and sea captain. While in Illyria, Antonio saves Cesario from a fight with Sir Toby as he mistakes him for being Sebastian. Antonio gets arrested by the Duke's guards for a past criminal act. Olivia finds Sir Andrew and Sebastian bickering at her house. Olivia mistook Sebastian as being Cesario and brings him to marriage at a chapel.
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