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As many retailers in the new millennium have found, it is extremely important to be able to offer products in as many varying formats as possible. The systems of Neiman Marcus that distribute their products have all evolved from various periods of their one hundred year history. Bricks and mortar stores, catalogs, and an e-commerce website have allowed Neiman Marcus to reach all of their customers in the ways that they find most convenient.

Bricks and Mortar Retail Stores- 85% of total operations
The Neiman Marcus Group is compiled of thirty-three upscale department stores in twenty states, two Bergdorf Goodman stores in Manhattan, and ten Neiman Marcus Last Call clearance centers that sell marked-down merchandise (neimanmarcusgroup.com). Most recently, the Neiman Marcus Group has opened The Galleries of Neiman Marcus in three U.S. cities. These stores offer an "expertly edited assortment of jewelry, tabletop collections, and decorative items in intimate, gallery-like stores" (neimanmarcus.com).

2001 Neiman Marcus Stores
Texas                                6
California                        5
Florida                        4
Illinois                        3
New Jersey                        2
Arizona                        1
Colorado                        1
District of Columbia        1
Georgia                        1
Hawaii                        1
Massachusetts                1
Michigan                        1
Minnesota                        1
Missouri                        1
Nevada                        1
New York                        1
Pennsylvania                1
Virginia                        1

Total                                33

Direct Marketing (catalog)- 13% of total operations

One of Neiman Marcus's most popular contributions to luxury retailing has been their Christmas Book. In 1960, inspired by journalists searching for interesting holiday feature stories, Stanley Marcus and his brother Edward introduced the His and Hers gifts (neimanmarcus.com). The Neiman Marcus catalog has long been known for it's high price luxury merchandise and each year features an array of gifts that are unique to the Neiman Marcus catalog. For the 2001 Christmas Book, a Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Bell helicopter was offered for the mere price of $6,700,000, and an exclusive NM "Silver Belle" Lexus for the price of $70,000 (Christmas Book 2001). Marcus's popular catalog is now a subsidiary of the Neiman Marcus Group called Neiman Marcus Direct, and is based in the Dallas suburb of Las Colinas. Neiman Marcus Direct oversees the distribution of the Neiman Marcus, Horchow and Chef's catalog names (Neiman Marcus.com).

Electronic Commerce- 2% of total operations

        In the fall of 1999, Neiman Marcus introduced an e-commerce website. This website has allowed Neiman Marcus to combine the "modern technology of online retailing with the enduring philosophy developed by our founders over 90 years ago: that our customers can expect extraordinary merchandise and superior service in an elegant environment"”in a store, in a catalog or on the Web" (neimanmarcus.com)

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