3M Dental Products Division

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3M Dental Products Division

3M was established in 1964 and were competing in the global market with other suppliers of dental products. As of the time this case study was written the DPD was made up of 700 employees which were spread between two sites on based in St. Paul MN, and a second in Irvine CA.

3M was challenged with maintaining its dominance in the market by providing "excellent" products and service to its customers. The people at 3M wanted to "become THE supplier of choice" worldwide. They developed a strategic planning process. The senior managers would develop plans on what needed to be improved and how to get it done. Teams and Employees also developed individual goals in the areas of business results, team effectiveness, and employee development, the Employee Contribution and Development Plan. These were used to set performance ratings and promotion decisions.

To help increase there sales worldwide within the detail profession 3M "Listened and Learned" to what their customers needed. This listening was performed in a number of ways including hands-on evaluations and visits with customers. All the information was used to develop a Customer Information System that provided an extensive database that help set satisfaction gals for new products to developed to.

The employee satisfaction, development, and productivity was a major part of their success. This included extensive job training and review process. 3M has also emphasized team-based approaches to problem solving and continuous improvement.

3M has made constant progress in performance improvement. In the 10 years before the case study was written, " the division had doubled global sales and market share, and, from 1991 to 1996, it doubled its rate of profit. Obviously their plans have been very successful and it is due to the good management, which makes it possible to carry out their plans. This included the employee involvement in planning and ability to received training. Their communication and involvement of their customers and suppliers also greatly helped their growth and reaching their goals.
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