4 Stages Of Growth And How It Effected Me

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Because I couldn't remember anything about the ages from 0 to 1.5, I asked my mother and since all human beings are the same when they are infants I absorbed other infants actions. My mom told me that between the ages 0 to 1.5 I would not go to the strangers when called, would cry when left alone, and I was happier around my mom because she was the only person I trusted and recognized


Again I couldn't remember anything, but I would imagine I know what I did. This is the stage where trouble two's come into play, yes I was one of them I wanted to know everything, touch, feel, hear, and even taste anything I got my hands on. Mom said one day I wanted to touch the wooden stove which was fairly warm, of course my mom didn't let me, she said I cried and cried for a long time therefore she let me touch it, after touching It I cried more because my hand was burnt and she said I never touched the stove again


This stage I somewhat remember how I reacted. At this stage I remember wanting to do everything on my own, such as; collect my own toys, pour my own coffee, go outside to play on my own, carry the groceries, and wanted to go to school. I remember this one incident when I was 4. My mom that morning told me to go grab a dozen eggs from the supermarket few blocks down the street. Just as I was ready to go out the door she said, "don't break them eggs again", she warned me because I did break the eggs twice in the last week. So I went down to the supermarket, grabbed the eggs, and what do you know I dripped and broke the eggs again!!! So I went home showed my mom what happened and got a good slap on the cheek It wasn't the slap I felt bad for but the fact that I couldn't even do a simple task. I felt shamed and useless.


I strongly think that this stage was the worst stage in my life (not counting moving to Windsor), because this stage had a big impact on my academic career. Since I didn't go to kinder garden I seriously wanted to get started and go to school. I wanted to go to school to meet new people and make new friends and learn. Few days after school started I hated school due to the fact that my grade school teacher was an asshole. I had a lot incidents with that teacher and I believe she hated me too because I couldn't sit in one space and liked to talk to my friends, I got punished a lot and by 5th grade I didn't want to go to school anymore it was like going to prison for me. Thanks to that bitch

2a)        My parents mixed both authoritative and authoritarian. My parents were less of authoritarian because they didn't want to explain a lot of things to me but when it came to it they wanted me to know about. This had been one of the main characteristics of my parents that still exist but in a less important fashion. Perhaps they are strongest on the authoritative part, because most of the things they do are similar to the definition. Some of the examples are; when I was a kid I wasn't allowed to stay out past 9 pm, I wasn't allowed to miss school just because I hated it and I didn't want to go, I was not to ask my mom for a glass of water when watching television; I was to get off my ass and get it myself. To this day I have to ask my parents if they need me around on a certain night, if not I have to tell them where im going and when ill be back. Therefore I think my parents raised me in a mix style, having some characteristics of both

2b)        I strongly agree with Baumrind's conclusion; because when an infant is born he/she doesn't know anything about its environment and it is up to the parents to advise and teach the child about the environment, teach the infant how to survive, act and, judge things. Sure after a certain age a child can break out of his/her parents control and change but I think it is rare that happens.

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