47 Ronin

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"Oishi and the others had no choice, but revenge." I strongly

believe this, because their master Lord Asano was executed for the

death of Kira, but Kira did not die. They lost a great master because

of such a miserable man. The people of Ako had to leave their native

land and most of their possessions had to be left behind. Oishi and

his men remained patient and tried to stay calm. They decided to wait

until word came about the petition that Oishi wrote, but their was never

any word. The men of Ako were made of fools. They lost hope,

but gained fire power. They wanted revenge on that horrid man Kira,

who was the cause of such atrocities. Oishi agreed to this and they

were going to take revenge on Kira and show him what it felt like when

Lord Asano was executed. One must take vengeance on another

human being, when they have done everything they possibly can, to

handle matters in a different way. A man and his men must

indefinitely protect the honor of their deceased master and his land. It

just wasn't right Kira being alive and Lord Asano being dead, Lord

Asano's wife being separated from her daughter, and the confiscation

of Lord Asano's property. "Oishi and his men had no choice, but to

take revenge." The men of Ako had enough, they were going to

defend their master's honor and put his spirit to rest.
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