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Abortion is legal in Canada, but it is one of the most controversial and important subjects in Canada. There is no doubt, the solution of abortion will never be the same in our globe,
It depends on the difference religion and culture, additionally, from the public insight, the question always mostly be half and half. In the point of my view, abortion is the right solution and it is the basically right for every women.
A.        History
1.        Origin of abortion
2.        Methods of abortion
3.        Count battles that brought legalized abortion
B.         Some reasons should lead to abort.
1.        A couple decide to abort is necessary, if they have trouble in economic.
2.        Abortion is a good decision if both the couple are not mature enough.
3.        If a couple is not ready to have child, abortion is the best solution.
C.        The advantage and affection for abortion.
1.        It is basically right for a person who wants to abort.
2.        Abortion can avoid trouble and burden in the future life.
3.        The advantage technical can release the hurt for the person who wants to abort.
Although abortion is a controversial question, as far as I am concern, abortion is the basically right for human being. However, no mater what solution will be make, abortion will bring both mental and physical hurt, no for a short time but for along time. Therefore, a couple should make a mature decision when they decide to have baby.

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