7th And 8th Grade

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Social Studies and English similar. They both are a chance to learn about the past and on the future. But, both classes learn about different areas of the past and the future. They learn about certain people of the past that had views and ideas that paved way for our future; people such as William Shakespeare, Christopher Columbus, and King Louis XVI.
        In social studies you really start to concentrate on the past and how it shaped our future. The 7&8th grade U.S. History class do like a simple overview of our country's past and learn about people that made the big changes to their world; as in Christopher Columbus and George Washington. You just really stick with our country's history and don't focus on the rest of the world.
        As for the social studies for high school that's when you start to expand your knowledge on the worlds history and ours. For example, with World History you learn about other country's history and how they came to be what they are now. Such as learning about England and Spain and all the other countries of the world and the struggles they had to go through. World History also gives you a chance to learn about stuff like knights, artists, kings and queens. High school also has a U.S. History, which is much like the 7&8th grade U.S. History, but more in depth. Mr. Clark said "This class is a chance for students to learn and understand the past, but also to be able to predict what will happen in the future."
        Now for English classes. English in the 7&8th grade you read about authors like Edgar Allen Poe and other famous authors. It's also a chance for middle school students to improve their writing and reading skills before they reach high school. As for high school we read long novels and poems and learn what drove them to write what they did. Also it's a chance for us to improve our writing skills and write something of our own.

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