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The date was Tuesday, September 11. A day that will stick with me forever, as

it will for all mankind. I had just left my home to go to work. I opened the van door, slid

in my seat and buckled up. I placed the key into the ignition, started up the van and went

to work. I turned my radio on, wishing the weekend were closer. I accepted it wasn't

so I continued on to work.

There was a simultaneous broadcast from the local television station on the radio. It's

my favorite channel, because I can catch all the national news live as I drive to work

which is only 10 minutes away. I vaguely recalled hearing something about a plane

crashing into one of the World Trade Towers. I assumed it was a pilot error or engine

trouble. I didn't hear much more than that as I arrived at work.

As I entered into the building, my thoughts turned to my workload. I sat down at my

desk, logged into my computer. Three cubicles down, a person had his radio on and I

could hear several people talking excitedly. I walked over and asked what was going on.

Someone told me that a second airliner had crashed into the other Trade Tower in New

York. He also mentioned this could be a terrorist attack.

I felt a tingling sensation as I slowly realized what was happening. I began to feel sick

to my stomach. I sat down placing my head in my hands , listening intently to the radio. I

I picked up the telephone and called my wife. I asked her to pull our kids out of

school. I felt the need to protect them, to ensure they were safe at home.

The numbers of the possible deaths were thought to be unthinkable. They said the

deaths could be "tens of thousands". I began to think about all the children that would

lose their parents that day, I thought of all the parents that would lose their children that

day. I thought of my family that day.

How will this attack affect my children's lives now and in the future? Will there be a

future for them? I can remember as a child how carefree life seemed. We could

walk anywhere and not fear being abducted, we could take a knife to school and not be

considered possible killers. Now terrorists were using airplanes and crashing them into

buildings. The world has become so dangerous. Now the danger was in our own

back yard. What will the hidden dangers be in eight years as my children move into the

world on their own?

I have had two weeks to think of ideas on how to better protect my family and it came

down to one thing. We aren't able do it by ourselves. It is going to take an effort from

all of our countrymen to protect our loved ones. Our country meaning "We the People"

of this great nation! You and I. It begins on an individual level and branches out to our

family, friends, community, as well as the state and federal government.

I am proposing that each community start a local defense committee. This committee

would be responsible for educating the public on safety tips , protection against nuclear,

biological and chemical attacks, evacuation plans and so on. I think with enough

interested people and the ideas they would share we could bring back some sense of

security in our homes.

Some would say that this would be carrying things a little too far. But if you had told

me three weeks ago the United States would be attacked by terrorists I would have said

that they were crazy. I guess what I am trying to stress is we need better prepare

ourselves for future attacks. The government can not be every where twenty four hours a

day, seven days a week. It is our responsibility keep ourselves alert and at the ready.

Life has changed for all of us permanently. We were all affected in some way. Lets

make a difference. We can make the changes work if we take the time and make the

effort. God Bless America.

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