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It's 1945 and World War II has ended in Europe. However, the Japanese have yet to be defeated and present a very serious threat. The then U.S. president Harry S Truman is engrossed in a very disconcerting and controversial decision. Should the United States of America drop the atomic bomb on Japan? His decision would change the world forever and herald the beginning of a new age.
Truman was presented with a grave dilemma. Eager as he was to end the war, Truman ordered the use of the atomic bomb on Japan as soon as it was available. As to the reasons why he authorized the use of the bomb, Truman would later state that the bomb was the perfect alternative to launching a full-scale invasion on Japan; something that would be inevitable if the war continued. By using the bomb, thousands of American lives would be saved; not to mention expensive resources. Another factor that might have influenced his decision was that the United States be the one that secure Japan's immediate surrender by means of the atomic bomb. If Japan's surrender were to be based upon a declaration of war from the Soviets, Stalin would then gain a pivotal role in ending the war and gain support thereafter. Truman would avoid something like this happening at all costs. And so he did. Like British Prime Minister Winston
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Churchill best put it: "It is now no longer necessary for the Russians to come to the Japanese war; the new explosive alone was sufficient to settle the matter." Moreover, the Manhattan Project's tremendous cost would go to waste if the bomb wasn't used. How would Truman justify to Congress and the people of the United States spending $2 billion on a weapon and not use it? Truman redundantly decided to drop the bomb on Japan and end the war.
In conclusion, the question of whether or not Truman made the right decision is very debatable and has become the source of much argument even today. Yes, it is obvious that using nuclear weapons on people is a crime against humanity. But does the end justify the means? Many would agree and disagree, but in my opinion, Truman did the right thing. Preventing a full-scale invasion on the Japanese mainland saved a hundred times more lives than were lost in dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Furthermore, more lives were lost in the bombings of Tokyo then in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The atomic bomb is simply a better weapon; to some people maybe cruel, but obviously much quicker and efficient and it cannot be denied that it saved countless lives.
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