A Child Called IT

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A Child Called "It"
Dave Pelzer
Admiration Paper

        In the book A Child Called " It", I really admired the main character David. He was so determined, strong, and loving. David went through a lot of terrifying events, but he stayed strong and survived it all.
        In the book, David was determined is so many ways; but most importantly, David was determined to live. David's mother beat him in so many different ways. For example, David's mother locked him in the bathroom with a bucket full of ammonia and Clorox bleach, but David held on and he was determined to make it out of that bathroom alive. David did not want show his mother that it bothered him so he hardly said anything when she was beat him. David just stayed strong and did what he was told to do. No matter what David's mother would do to him he stayed strong and was determined to make it through all the beating. I really admire David's determination to live.
        David was also a very strong person in this book. He was strong by holding on to his life after all that was happening to him. When David's mother stabbed him, David got right back up and finished doing his chores. He was not going to let anybody, especially his mother, stop him from living his life. David promised himself that he would stay strong until he could get out of that mad house. David was also strong in one very important way and that was praying to God. He knew that if he kept praying that one day God would answer his prayers. Being strong played an important role in David's life. If he would not have stayed strong he may not be alive today.
        Most importantly David was a loving person. No matter how badly his mother beat him he always found a place in his heart to forgive her. David has always loved his mother and still to this day David loves her even after all the horrible things she did to him. A person has to be such a loving person to forgive someone who has hurt him so badly over and over.
        David is admired by many people today and he is especially admired by me. I admire him for so many reasons. He was so determined, strong-willed, and such a forgiving person and that tells a lot about David as a person. I wish there could be many other people in this world who were as forgiving as David was. This book really teaches everyone that no one deserves to be treated this badly. So if you are a young kid like David stay strong and you will get out of there. In my heart David is a role model for me and made a big impact on my life.
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