A Civil Engineer

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        The occupation I would like to do is to be a civil engineer. I think I would enjoy this job because I am interested in the field. I enjoy math and I like construction. My father is a civil engineer and I have seen the work he does and I have always wanted to do the same thing or a similar field.
        You need a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. You need to take the advanced math courses and also some construction and business courses. You should go to a college that has a good engineering program.
        The job description is if you work in the office it usually is an 8 am to 5 pm day, but it depends on what job your working on and if you are behind schedule on your job. If you work on the job site your day is usually from 7 am to 4 pm depending on weather and how far along you are on the job. In the office you have to keep tract of the budget for a job and you have to know everything that is going on with the job you where assigned at the time. On the job site you may have to do anything from pouring concrete for the ground base or putting up walls on a building. There can be stress if you are not up to date on your job or if something goes wrong on the job site.
        There is a lot of math involved in this occupation. You need to know a great deal of math to be successful. For example math is used to calculate the run off from rain storage capacity requirements. It is also used to calculate the amount of traffic to determine the road requirements at the peak and non-peak times in a day. Math plays a large roll in an average work day for a civil engineer. You need to have a good grasp of the concepts it teaches. You need to be precise and accurate with your numbers because if they are incorrect they can cause trouble for you.
        As you start as a civil engineer you will probably make about 35,000 dollars per year. But as you grow more experience and move up in your office it will increase. After about 10 years you can make at inn average of around 80,000 dollars per year. The longer you stay working as a civil engineer and do a good job then your salary will keep increasing.


                        Civil Engineer

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