A Clock Work Orange

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There he is, Alex, and his three "droogs" (friends) Georgie, Pete, and Dim. They are all sipping away at "moloko" (milk) mixed with drugs. The Moloko Bar is decorated with naked statues of women in obscene poses. No one seems to take notice to this perversion. This is part of every day life for these kids. Alex and his droogs are living in a society filled with violence and perversion. This is a world with no hope and its kids have no dreams. A Clockwork Orange, the novel and the movie, makes many important statements about modern society and the path it is headed on. These statements include moral freedom, social and cultural perversion, and juvenile delinquency.
        First of all, of the many statements A Clockwork Orange makes about society, moral freedom is one of the main themes of the novel and movie. Alex, throughout the course of the movie, winds up in prison for a murder he had committed. While in prison he heard about a new experimental cure for prisoners who are in for violent crimes. He is elected part of the experiment because of his young age and his willingness to get out of prison to be cured. The treatment consisted of new medicines, Electro-shock therapy, and exposure to violent film. Alex was fully restrained into a chair, which did not allow him to move his head or his body away from the screen. His eyes were also constantly kept open. Before the screening Alex was injected with truth serum. As he was watching the violent films he began to get a sick feeling. Through this treatment he got an artificial conscience which made him choose good. He did not have a choice between good and evil. This poses the reader with an important question: Is it better to choose to be evil or to be forced to be good? Are the crimes that one commits when he/she chooses to be evil worse than the crime of moral oppression? When one is forced to do something he/she is just a robot. When one chooses to do something he/she is an individual. "A man who cannot choose ceases to be a man."
        Secondly, of the many important statements about society A Clockwork Orange makes, social and cultural perversion is one of them. In this future society pornography is everywhere. No one tries to ignore it or turn away from it. Pornography is used in many ways in this movie including decoration and as furniture. In the opening scene in the Moloko Bar the table is a statue of two naked women on all fours. The milk dispensers consisted of a naked woman bearing her chest. In order to buy the milk the customers put money in the machine, pulled her arm down, and the milk came pouring out of her nipple. In every home shown in the movie there were paintings of naked women and men. In the home of "the cat lady" was a statue of a penis, which Alex used to kill her. In Alex's room were many forms of perversion. He owned a statue of Jesus with pubic hair. This is both perverted and sacrilegious. Alex and his droogs also take perversion to a higher level. They raped a woman whose house they broke into while her husband watched the horrifying site. These pieces of evidence lead the reader to wonder, if society continues the way it is presently going, will there be pornography on every coffee table?
        Lastly, of the many important statements about society A Clockwork Orange makes, juvenile delinquency is one of the most important. In this novel Alex is a 15-year-old delinquent who has had past problems with the police. He and his gang go out every night to the Moloko bar and drink drugged milk to get them ready for ultra-violence. The gang's crimes consisted of stealing cars, stealing money, rape, murder, etc. Alex has a guidance counselor named P.R. Deltoid in the movie. He tries without success to stop Alex from landing himself in prison. Alex does end up in prison and Deltoid gives up on Alex and his job of trying to save delinquents from their destructive ways. This is an example of how society gives up on kids who are too hard to handle. This purposes the question: If society stays on this trend of giving up on these kids will future society be ruled by gangs of these delinquents as demonstrated in this novel? Also another question is purposed to the reader: Can someone be pure evil and be never be able to be cured? In this novel the answer is no. Alex is never truly cured of his ultra-violent ways because they undo his original brainwash treatment.
         A Clockwork Orange is a masterpiece, which demands the reader's full attention in order to draw important and useful information from it. This work in both novel and film form give the reader a powerful image of society in the future, the way it might look if mankind continues on its path of destruction. This work asks some major questions to the reader about moral freedom, social and cultural perversion, and juvenile delinquency. The reaction the author wants to get from the reader is a powerful one. This reaction could also cause the reader to adopt some of the ideals shown and apply them to their own lives. Anthony Burgess left us with this novel to read and reflect on it and on ourselves.
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