A Day In New Orleans

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Mitchell McDonald                        
English 101
Mrs. Nunley
February 6,2002

A Day in New Orleans

                It was finally time for me to leave for spring break vacation. I would only have to wait a few more hours before I was in New Orleans. It was time to board my flight and I was eager to get there. I had been planning to go to New Orleans with my friend Douglas for three weeks. I had never been there before and I was excited about going to The Big Easy. Douglas had been there many times and had always told me how everything in New Orleans was so unique. He also told me how he always had a wonderful time visiting New Orleans because there were so many things to experience that are completely unique to the city. I figured he was just exaggerating because he was excited that we would be going on vacation. Little did I know that I would find out that the culture of New Orleans is different from that of the rest of America.
My flight was ready for take off and I was nervous. I had never flown on a plane before, but my eagerness for some vacation time outweighed my nervousness. I told myself everything would be okay and I would soon be having a joyous time. After the plane got into the air my nerves settled and I started to enjoy the ride. I looked down and saw the view of a complete town. Buildings were tiny and cars were almost invisible. It looked like a multicolored ant farm. The flight soon ended and it was time to see the city.
My friend Douglas and I decided the first thing we would do is get something to eat. We both were feeling hungry and I was dying to try Cajun food. We found a small restaurant called The Smugglers Run. When I walked in the door I heard the sound of a jazz band. I then turned to my right and seen a group of men playing instruments. One of them was playing a saxophone and the others were all playing guitars of various sizes. Together they created a melody that filled my body with excitement right down to the tips of my toes. Then, just as I felt like I would be carried away on the wings of what was truly beautiful music, the hostess showed us to our seat. The waitress soon came out and asked us what we would like to eat. I decided to have jambalaya and Douglas decided to have fresh-boiled crawfish. When I started to eat the food I got the feeling that my tongue was on fire. Never in my life had I tasted food this hot. I was sure my jambalaya was as hot as the devil himself. I quickly reached for my glass of water and gulped it all down. I began to feel better and I started eating again. After a few bites I got used to the taste and perceived temperature of the food. My stomach started to feel uneasy, but I was not going to let that stop me from having a good time.
I looked at Douglas and said, "I think it is time we got some fresh air."
"Where do you want to go?" Doug asked.
        I said, "We should just walk around for a while."
        Doug said, "okay."
        We started walking towards the Garden District and then I began noticing how unusual the architecture in New Orleans is. Lush mansions and overgrown gardens lined the street. The mansions were built in what is known as Greek revival style. There were huge pillars on each side of the doorways. Each house was built out of brick and different colored rocks.
        I turned to Douglas and asked, "Are the people that live in these houses rich?"
Douglas said, "Some of the people that live in these houses are not just rich they are famous. Trent Reznor, Archie Manning, and Anne Rice all live in this neighborhood."
I had never before seen such beautiful building structure. It made perfect sense that the people who lived in the Garden District were rich. I have been to thirty of the fifty states in America and have never seen buildings like I saw in New Orleans. The architecture shows just how different the culture there is.
Next we decided to go to the French Quarter. As I walked along Bourbon Street, I noticed that everyone seemed to be in a state of bliss. I then realized that they were just in an alcohol- induced stupor. Everywhere around me people were drinking. There were bars along every street in the French Quarter. It was a melting pot of sin. After just a few minutes of walking around, Douglas and I decided it would be best to leave. It was obvious to me that the only activities that were going on involved drinking or smoking.
My stay in New Orleans was a refreshing view of how there are different cultures within our own country. I enjoyed eating the Cajun cuisine and seeing the Greek revival style architecture. Never before in my life had I been to such an unusual place. When I think back on my trip to New Orleans it seems as if I visited a different country. The culture was completely unique compared to any other place I have visited. New Orleans is definitely a great place to visit.
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