A Day In The West

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A Day in the West        

        Bang, Bang! I had won the draw. My hands trembled at the fact that I had just killed a man. I could not believe what I had just done. Benny Ray lay there on the floor not moving, and I was glad that I was not dead. It all started two days ago"¦.
        I had just finished polishing my new leather boots when the phone rang. It was the bartender from Sun Saloon. She informed me that the infamous Benny Ray had just killed the town Sheriff. I was to be appointed Sheriff, and I was confused as heck. There were many other men in town that could be a lot better at being Sheriff than I ever could. I went down to Town Hall to meet with the mayor. "Hello young sir," said the mayor. "Many of our best Blacksmiths and Stable keepers have died this month," he said. I got the idea that I was to be a sacrifice. "Dang Mayor," I thought.
I was tired and I needed a drink, so I headed to the Sun Saloon. After a few drinks I felt really drunk. It was almost 8 pm and I sat there fiddling with the beer mugs. A few moments later Benny Ray came in to the bar, and I started to shake. He came in with maybe four or five of his lackeys; He looked like a giant redwood with huge muscular branches. He came and told me that I had twenty-four hours to leave town or I was to be next dead Sheriff. I then went home to go to have a good night's sleep. Tomorrow was to be a long day.
I woke up realizing that I only had sixteen hours before my confrontation with Benny Ray. I headed to the shooting range on Racket Hill. It was one of my favorite places in the world. My father had taken me there many times to learn how to use a gun. I loved it there when I was a child. I practiced my draw and aim for about four hours. I decided it was time to decide if I should skip town or stand my ground and face my fear. I thought about it and realized that if I did faced Benny Ray and won the match, I will be a hero. On the other side I will also be a murderer. I had never thought that I would have to face a moment like this. After some time and thought I decided that I would stand my ground and defend myself against Benny Ray. If I skipped town I knew I would disappoint many people.
It was almost time so I headed back to town to face Benny Ray. As I arrived at Town Hall I spotted Benny Ray waiting for me. I started to walk towards him. "Benny Ray, I'm not afraid of you and I'm not leaving town," I said. "Well let's get started then," said Benny. "Even if I lose this match I know I will lose with pride," I said with great dignity. He smirked and started to walk towards the center. I started to walk towards the center as well. I started shaking with anxiety. The sweat from my hands dripped to the dry dusty floor. I thought of everything I lived for and felt proud. We both made it to the center. I was so nervous. We started to walk opposite from each other counting down from ten. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Draw!                                                         
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