A Day Like No Other

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It was a day like no other.

Folco, a boy of whom showed huge talent towards all things, woke up. A smile appeared upon his face which lit the entire bedroom making things even more cheerful. Folco reached for his watch to make sure it was the day that he thought it was. He hesitated a bit before picking it up, then retreated his arm away from his bed side cabinet without touching or even looking at the watch. Folco was one of thoughts special people who always knew what the time and date was without thinking. He just knew.

"Are you awake Folco? Breakfasts on the table hon. Come when your ready."
"OK Mum, be there in a minute."
Folco arose out of bed with a bolt of energy, as this was a very unique day. He put on his robe and walked briskly towards the smell of breakfast that was waiting for him, on the dining room table. As Folco walked through the corridors it was as though a wave of joy was following him. His energy was at a peak that he had not felt in a very long time.

"Good morning, dear." This voice was a voice Folco would never be able to forget. It was the voice of family, a whole to him, for this, and only this, was the voice of his beloved mother. "And a good morning to you too!" said Folco with all his joy and happiness. Folco's eyes were on all the food laid out in a wonderful manner across the table that seemed to stretch for infinity. He was hungry, so all he was thinking about is eating. Folco sat down in his own individual chair and got straight into the consumption of this magnificent array of foods before him. He didn't know what to choose first; there was too much for him to eat and he wanted to savor his empty stomach for all of it's worth.

Folco was a fussy eater. Although there was so much food before him, he only saw the things that he liked best: Pancakes, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, toast, and last but not least, his favorite food of all time; golden hash browns. Folco had a somewhat unique liking towards hash browns. He never could get enough of them. But to the inconvenient nature of hash browns no two are the alike. Folco's favorite, and the only he would eat, were his mother's creations. Whenever he bit into one of thoughts god-like hash browns, it was as though a blanket of warmth wrapped around his entire body giving him a feeling of home, peacefulness, and blissfulfulness untouched by anything Folco had ever seen or done.

"What a wonderful day Folco. The weather is a wonder! Not a cloud in the sky. Such a breathtaking blue, I've never seen anything like it. The weather must know what day it is." Folco's mother's eyes glistened in the sunlight which only gave way to her smile. She viewed Folco like only a mother can. She loved him with all her heart, soul, and mind. "So what are you going to do today, honey?" Folco's mother asked this question already knowing the answer. She knew exactly what he was going to do, but asked anyway. Folco's whole face smiled a cheeky grin. Folco and his mother shared a special bond. At times they could communicate without talking. They just knew what the other was thinking. "I'm going to go pick up my laptop from the shop. Wow. It's been nearly a year since they started building that thing. Such a wonder. I can't wait to boot it up." Folco's mind went into a day-dream that he had been dreaming all year. He was at his new laptop. Typing away at speeds that he never knew he could type. Then, what happened next was unexpected and blew his mind away. His laptop-"You better be on your way, the morning's nearly over." "All right then, I'm off. I wonder where I put my keys." "They are beside the phone, where you left them, dear."

Folco garbed his keys and jumped into his car. He raced off to the computer shop without looking at his the speedo. Folco didn't realize that there was a policeman behind him until it was too late. With flashing lights and blasting horns the police car raged towards Folco's car. Folco pulled over to the side of the road. The policeman got out of his car. He walked slowly towards Folco who was siting behind the wheel. "You were going well over the speed limit. For that, I will have to write you a ticket. Maybe next time you'll think before speeding." The policeman wrote out the ticket and handed it to Folco. His eyes were blocked behind a pair of sunglasses which made him look mysterious. He took one last look at Folco and walked back towards his car. Folco moved into first and away he went.

Trying to maintain a somewhat legal speed, Folco powered across the motor way. His mind was not on the road. It was on his laptop. Before Folco knew it he was at the intersection before the computer shop. He parked his car and into the shop he went. He was single minded. All he cared about at that particular moment was getting his laptop that he had been waiting for for such a long time.

"Good morning sir. How may I help you?" The shop attendant sounded pleasant, but obviously was just doing his job. "I've come for my laptop. It's a KX-159 2000. My name is Folco." Folco said this statement with pride. He knew that the machine he was about to purchase was the fastest in the country, and that anybody with computer knowledge would be envious. "Oh. I see. We have been waiting for you. Come this way." The shop attendant lead Folco towards a room out the back. Folco had visited this shop many times before, but had never been into this room or even knew it existed. The shop attendant suddenly without warning came to a halt before the entrance to the room. "Through this door, sir." With these last words he left Folco and walked away. Folco was puzzled to why the shop attendant just left him like that. If it had happened any other day he would have tried to figure it out, but this was the day he had been waiting for. Folco turned around and was faced with a blank door which lead to the laptop of his dreams. He looked down and saw an average silver door-handle. He moved his hand towards it. Touching the cold of the metal, he turned the handle and opened the door. Folco stepped inside the room one step after the other. Before him were endless boxes that contained computers of which would supply the next generation of computer users. Folco searched the room. Right there smack in the middle was his laptop. The laptop that could out perform all of these computers put together. This laptop, was very special. It had been created by the worlds best. The finest machine in existence.

It didn't occur to Folco that there was nobody else in the room until now. It was just him. He was too busy hypnotized with the beauty of his laptop. The smooth platinum casing, the light bouncing off it's wonder. Although he was alone, Folco felt as though a thousand eyes were watching him. He took a few steps towards the center of the room. Folco's eyes were in marvel as he scanned the endless supply of computers. The roof seemed as though it went higher than the sky. There was just nothing like this. He had never seen such a sight. Further and further towards the laptop Folco walked. It was such a long distance between the door and to the center of the room that Folco had a long time to think. He thought and realized that this laptop, this fantastic object, wasn't really an object at all. It seemed as though it had a spirit of it's own. A sprit of which that had power. It had it's own feeling and emotions. Truly a wonder of which Folco came to believe that it was not a possession of his, but a companion. It had it's own distinct relationship with Folco. It was as though they were meant to be. A match made by powers unknown to all.

Folco finally came before the laptop. From this close distance it was even more breathtaking. He reached out with one of his arms to touch it, to feel it's power. He extended his fingers slowly and gently moved his hand just above the laptop, barely not touching it. Folco moved his hand across it, feeling its power. There was an urge inside Folco to touch it. He knew that this urge was not coming from himself, but from the laptop. He was astonished by this. It was something alien. He could actually feel the laptops spirit inside of him. Without warning and without the thought from his head, Folco touched the laptop with all of his five fingers extended touching it with all of his hand. A burst of power rushed through his body giving him the feeling of might that he never knew existed. A green glow circled his body rushing around him like he was on fire. From head to toe Folco felt unbelievable power. He was burning with might. His hair went straight up into the air. His clothes were rushing around his body as though the winds of the world were blowing at him with all their power. Folco felt the power of the seas. He felt the power of all the living things inside the waters. He felt the might of the great continents. He felt the power of all the animals. Folco felt, as a whole, the entire globe's power and might rushing through inside and out of his body. He felt, as one, the pain, the suffering, the hunger, the curliness, the sadness, the grief, the disbelief, the power, the might, the happiness, the joy, the everythingness of the world as a one.

Suddenly everything stopped. The power surrounding Folco disappeared. Blackness surrounded Folco like an endless void. He was standing inside nothingness that stretched for infinity. A voice appeared inside Folco's head that echoed as though it was in an endless pit. "Hello Folco. I've been expecting you."

This was indeed a special day for Folco. He would remember it as the day his life began, and ended.

End of prologue.
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