A Different Kind Of Heroism

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Imagine that you were not born human, but instead an entity. Imagine that you are living in the state of tranquility with no fear of pain or sadness. Everything around you is pure and free of evil. No threat can come between you and your innocence. Then imagine that you are sent out of paradise to help give people the chance to see what you see, otherwise they are destined for a place where pain and suffering are inevitable. The only way to save these people from eternal damnation is to shed your own blood on their behalf. Those same people that you are sent to save torture and kill you. After you die, people still reject you and cast you out of their hearts. This is not a surprise to you however. You knew the results before you began this mission, yet you still followed through to save those few people who follow your messages. Your name would be Jesus Christ.
According to the Random House Webster's College Dictionary, a hero is defined as, "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities." This makes great sense and of course is accurate, but it makes a hero seem invincible. I believe heroism can be measured by what the hero endures or sacrifices for the welfare of others. Our world is abundant with strong people who are admired, but not many have endured pain and suffering for the sake of others. Jesus is the elite who has endured physical pain and the emotional disappointment of being rejected only to save the few who accepts him. No one has ever done so much for the world knowing that it would cost him great agony, other than my hero, Jesus Christ.
Most have already heard Jesus' claims of being the Son of God and how he was sent to Earth as the messiah. I was taught also that before he was born on Earth, he had already existed in heaven. I was taught that God's passion toward the world influenced him to send his only son to die for those living in it. Jesus gave up living in the serenity of heaven to live among the damned and be killed by them so that they can have the chance to go to heaven. The part that I admire most is that he left heaven knowing that he was sent here only to die. This act shows courage and is highly admirable. Not many heroes can say that their job is to die for you.
While on earth, Jesus committed acts of miracles. He helped the blind to see, the cripple to walk, the deaf to hear, and the mute to speak. He edified the religious world by correcting biblical misconceptions. His story completes the longest living religious book in the world. Although some may have reason to be skeptical about whether or not Jesus was actually the Son of God, the impact he had on the world is undeniable.
When the time came, Jesus accepted his death boldly. He did not run or show any sign of fear. He was forced to bare the load of his cross to his death location. A crown of thorns was placed on his head, which penetrated his skin. His wrists were nailed to the arms of the cross and both feet were nailed to the leg. As he hung on the cross, gravity pulled him downward forcing his wounds to expand and his skin to burn as his back glided across the wooden board. A spear then pierced through his ribs, creating a flow of blood that ran down his body. His feet were brutally pounded by a mallet. While enduring this excruciating pain, he asked God sincerely, "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do." Although he had foreshadowed this gruesome incident prior to coming to Earth, Jesus had no reluctance in attempting to save the world.
In my eyes, Jesus has acted with courage, nobility, and strength. He has demonstrated heroism like no other. For the sake of the human soul, he sacrificed serenity and endured agony. Although some have refused to believe the possibility that he may be the Son of God, he has influenced many to follow his teachings and guidance to the passage to heaven. Jesus is the greatest hero of all time.
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