A Dolls House

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In today's society it is not too uncommon for a married couple to get divorced. Many couples get divorced after years of painful, unhappy marriages where they pretend to be in love because of things such as children and other possessions. Over 100 years ago, in the time of Torvald and Nora Helmer, it was very uncommon for a couple to get divorced. Women were not able to speak their opinion in the same way as they do today. Nora Helmer lived an unhappy marriage for years just because she thought that she was happy. One of Nora's actions caused her to realize how her husband, Torvald, really felt about her.
        Nora Helmer loved her husband dearly and when he was sick and dying she did everything in her power to get twelve hundred dollars to have a life saving operation for him. Torvald was extremely against loans and debts, but Nora had no other way of getting the money. She figured out a plan that would save Torvald's life and keep him from finding out that she took out a loan. Her father had recently passed away and she told Torvald that she inherited enough money to help her husband. Since a woman was not allowed to take out a loan on her own, she forged her husband's name next to hers on the IOU. The loan came from a man named Nils Krogstad, and this event caused many problems in the Helmer household that Nora does her best to hide. But there are many effects that branch off of this event.
         Nora has always lived a life that was under Torvald's orders, but now she also had to hide the fact that the money that she got to save his life came from a loan. She also begins to question herself after some of the comments that Torvald makes about people who lie, and the effects that they have on their children. Torvald tells her "Just think how a man with a thing like that on his conscience will always be having to lie and cheat and dissemble; he can never drop the mask, not even with his own wife and children. And the children, that's the most terrible part of it, Nora."(950) On top of Nora's lies, she has another string of bad luck.
        Nils Krogstad is losing his job because Torvald doesn't get along with him. A friend of Nora's named Christine Linde will be replacing Krogstad at the bank. Mrs. Linde has had a relationship in the past with Krogstad. Krogstad is a smart man so he decides to go to Nora and blackmail her with the IOU that she forged. Torvald could not see this or Nora would be in big trouble with him. "My husband must never know of this," she tells Krogstad. (961) Krogstad replies "I'll tell you. I want to get on my feet again, Mrs. Helmer; I want to get to the top. And your husband is going to help me. For the last eighteen months I've gone straight; all that time it's been hard going; I was content to work my way up, step by step. Now I'm being kicked out, and I won't stand for being taken back again as an act of charity. I'm going to get to the top, I tell you. I'm going back into that Bank "“ with a better job. Your husband is going to create a new vacancy, just for me"¦."(961) After this happens Nora tries to convince Torvald that Krogstad deserves another chance and that he isn't such a bad guy. Now, because of the loan that Nora took out, she is faced with another problem in her life and it just leads to more.
        Now Torvald is ready to send out Krogstad's notice that he is being fired and Nora tries to convince Torvald not to and she tells him "its all so petty"(955) Torvald isn't too happy with what he hears and he sends out the letter. Krogstad receives the letter and tells Nora that Torvald will now be receiving the letter telling Torvald about the IOU that she took out. Krogstad leaves the letter in Torvald's locked mailbox. Nora now has to try to keep Torvald away from that mailbox until she can figure something out her next plan of lies.
        Nora keeps Torvald from getting to his mailbox for a while, but Torvald finally finds time for the letters and reads them. Now Nora is debating running off or committing suicide to avoid facing Torvald. Meanwhile, Mrs. Linde is trying her best to keep Torvald from finding the letter and she decides that she wants to be back with Krogstad. Mrs. Linde tells Krogstad "I need someone to mother, and your children need a mother. We two need each other. Nils, I have faith in what, deep down, you are. With you I can face anything"(967) After all of this, she convinces him to get back the letter before Torvald sees it. Krogstad sends out another letter saying that he is not going to try to blackmail them anymore with the IOU.
        The biggest effect that Nora's lies had on their relationship is that she finally finds out what type of person her husband is from all of this. Torvald receives the letter, and goes ballistic on Nora. He is mad at Nora because she is disgracing his name. Torvald's name is very important to him because he only cares about himself.
        While in the middle of his hollering, Torvald receives another letter from the maid. This letter includes the IOU from Krogstad, and it tells him that he will not use anything against him. Nora notices that Torvald's actions are changing and he says, "I am saved! Nora, I am saved!"(974) Nora realizes that he never did care about her that she was always just a prize possession to him. She becomes fed up with his egotism and makes the biggest decision of her life.
        The biggest effect that Nora's loan had on their whole relationship is that she decides that she should leave Torvald. She tells him "Well, that's the end of it. I'll put the keys down here. The maids know where everything is in the house"¦"(980) After this Nora leaves the house and slams the door behind her.
        Through one event in the life of Nora Helmer, there were many devastating effects on the relationship of her and her husband. For Nora, it was best that she did leave Torvald's home, because now she can live a lifestyle that she deserves. She can finally make her own decisions.
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