A Good Classical Story

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A Good Classic Story
Wilson Law
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All well written classic stories always had to go through the test of time. A

story could only be proven as a classic if only it could pass examination of time and

people. In order for a story to be accepted as a classic the content of the criteria within the

story is the most important part. Some of the important elements of a good classic story

are unpredictable, have emotions and being able to relates the story to life.

First of all, being unpredictable is one of the most important criteria for a

good classic story. In order to have a unique story a lot of unpredictable events are

necessary. A story must need a lot of unpredictable events, which will lead to the highest

climax of the story. The reader will be interested when they are following the essential

elements of the story like foreshadowing and irony. Besides that there should have many

events such as the content of the different events are also very important. An erratic plot

should also be included in a classic story too. The plot of the story should be exciting,

surprising and also emotional to the reader, which they do not expect. Lastly an

astounding ending is also very significant too. The ending of the story should be referable

to the foreshadowing and irony at the beginning of the story. An example of this would

be "The Sniper". At the very end of this story, a shocking event would be the sniper

finds out that the man he shot was his own brother and the result of the story is shocking.

Therefore, exhilarating and unpredictable plot are one of the key successes to a classic


Secondly, a superior high-quality classic story has to have emotions. As we

all know characters are one of the main elements in a story. Therefore their personality

and characteristics are very significant for a story to become a classic. Each character in a

story should have their own thrilling plot, emotions and personality. For example, in

"The Sniper", the sniper had stirring characteristics. Even though, there is not a word

conversation but the detailed description of the sniper and the moment he saw his dead

brother's face are appalling and emotional. Also the plot of the story had to be emotional

which entertains the reader. This will interest the readers and kept them reading until the

end. When the reader has done reading the story, the reader would have developed a

sense of impact to them. For example, the story might have a lesson behind it that will

make the reader question themselves. The author should make the meaning or lesson

clear so that it will not leave the reader in a state of confusion. For instance, in "Lord of

the flies" the lesson behind the story is to tell people that human nature are evil and it will

be shown when laws and rules, do not exist. As to what happen to the kids of in "Lord of

the flies", they showed the evilness within human nature. As the outset, an enjoyable

classic story should have an emotional characters and an emotional plot which

will leave an impact to the reader. This is a force behind that pushes the reader to

continue reading the story.

Finally, relating the story to the reality is essential. First of all, a story

should relate to your everyday life. This is not necessary but it is a good way

for the author to express their meaning or point in a simple way that are easy for reader to

understand. Besides relating to life, the reader should be able to compare their lifestyle

with the character's lifestyle in the story. Also if the author can write in a unique way

then it could also grab the reader's attentions. In the story "Flower For Algernon", the

author wrote the story in a diary form. The author also made the main character, Charlie

Gordon use wrong-spelling words to make him look unintelligent. An example in the

story is when Charlie says "Dr. Strauss says I shud rite down what I think and evrey

thing that happins to me from now on."1 In this sentence the author purposely made a lot

of spelling mistakes, this would cause the reader to have a stronger feeling about Charlie

Gordon's obtuse and will fit in the story a bit more. Relating, comparing and involving in

the story are the main concepts of a classic story.

As until now, reading a good classic story is an entertainment for people.

A good classic story must be unpredictable, emotional and be able to relate to life in

order to entertain people. Therefore if a story does now have these elements, it's a

literature without verve. It will never impress a reader and it will never became a good

classic story.

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