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Tennessee Right To Life, Inc. is a non-profit, grassroots, public service organization dedicated to
protecting and fostering the most basic value of our society - LIFE itself. We promote, uphold, and
support reverence and respect for human life without regard to condition, quality, age, religion, race,
creed, or color, whether born or unborn. This commitment is derived from a belief that each human
being, from the time of fertilization to natural death, has an immeasurable dignity and unalienable
right to life. Elemental justice demands that this basic right be protected by law.

We recognize that society today places great emphasis on the quality of life, but we must not let our
concern for quality override our concern for life itself.

Members of Tennessee Right to Life, Inc. are active in the pro-life movement both within Tennessee
and throughout the United States in affiliation with the National Right to Life Committee.
Members have many different social, economic, age, racial, religious, and political backgrounds, all
bound together by a common dedication to protecting all human life.


EDUCATE through the presentation of detailed and factual information about fetal
development, fetal experimentation, fetal pain, abortion, alternatives to abortion, infanticide,
euthanasia, and related issues, upon which individuals and the general public may make
informed decisions about these actions which deny human dignity.

ORGANIZE and identify the pro-life population of the state into an effective force.

LEGISLATE ultimately a Human Life Amendment to the United States Constitution which
will make possible legal protection for all human beings. We are especially mindful of the
unborn, the aged, the impoverished, the impaired, the incompetent, and all those otherwise
weak, disadvantaged or defenseless.

HELP BUILD a caring, compassionate society that will recognize the real problems and
offer positive alternatives and support to the distressed and their families.
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