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A Little Faith

        Stressed out from the New York life style, Peter, a young adult who worked as a salesman, decided to give up everything he had to start a new life, Peter sold all his valuable possessions such as house, car, television, and clothes. The rest of his possessions that he couldn't be sold or better that nobody would buy, he gave away to goodwill, a non-profit company whose good deeds live up to their name. All the money that Peter raised was used to buy a boat, which he thought was like a ticket for the paradise. Days before the final day to leave he said his good byes for all his friends and family; however, he didn't mention to them that he was not planning on coming back.
        It was a beautiful day when he got in the boat and cut the cord, which was the only thing that was holding him away from his dream. While Peter was alone in the boat many thought came into his mind, but most of them were not just thoughts but questions about why was he "running" away from his life and what was he really looking for. The answers came sooner than what he was actually expecting.
        About two weeks later, Peter looked up to the sky that was once blue and beautiful and the only thing that he saw was dark clouds coming towards him. Scared, he got down on his knees and prayed for God to help him to survive. It seemed like God didn't even hear his players because while he was still on his knees when a thunder stroke right in his boat. When Peter woke up, he was on the top of a little piece of wood in the middle of the ocean with only water surround him; even though it wasn't good scenery he was thanking God for saving his life. Peter was almost giving up when he looked ahead and saw a little island. He couldn't even believe in his eyes. The first thing that he saw in the island was a little house with food on the table, but nobody was there. Peter once more thanked God for surviving the storm and for the little house. Months passed by and since no one came to claim the house, Peter made the house "his". One day Peter went to the forest to get some wood to make a fire to warm him because it was getting cold on the island. While, coming back he saw a big fire right close to where the house was but when he got closer he noticed that it was the house that was burning down.
        Sad, Peter got on his knees and started to cry. This time he was not thanking God, yet asking why did God do that to him. In the middle of his tears he heard a noise of a boat coming straight to island. He couldn't even believe how, after almost a year of so many tries to get the attention of the boats that sailed near the island, that day when he was not even doing anything there was a boat that changed the direction and started to sail towards the island (to rescue him). Finally, when they got there the first question that Peter asked the people on the boat was," How did you know that there was someone in the island?" and they answered, "The big fire you made caught our attention!"
        It was then when Peter realized why he left New York in first place. Sometimes people need just a little faith.
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