A New Healthy Life

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A New Healthy Life
For many years, studies have found that nutrition is the key for a long and healthy life. To keep weight under control, following a sensible diet and exercising is recommended from nutrition specialists. Following a nutritious food plan isn't as hard as it may seem. Anyone can do it if he or she has enough will power. Some people think that in order to live a nutritious life, he or she needs to starve himself or herself by only eating Tic-Tacs and drinking water. This is not true. A person can lead a perfectly nutritious life by eating the right foods, taking the right vitamins, and doing the right exercises. People need to turn their unhealthy life into a nutritious one.
        The first step in beginning a nutritious life is wanting to try something new. A person has to be sure that he or she is going to follow through with an eating plan of him or her own choice in order to become a healthier person. This is the most important step in a diet because with moderation's, any food can fit into a person's lifestyle ("Don't Judge"¦" 2). Make sure that the list of items needed is written down before grocery shopping. People have a tendency to grab unneeded foods off the shelves if a list is not made ("Eating What's"¦" 1). To start a new plan a person needs to know that he or she is ready to turn his or her life around.
Locating the correct foods is a very essential part of a diet plan. Picking the wrong foods could decimate a person's entire plan. When going to the grocery store make sure to find something to eat that is healthy and not just available at the time (" Eating What's"¦" 1). Make sure to buy lots of fruit, for fruit is healthy. While unpacking groceries be sure to leave the fruit out on the table for when times of junk-food temptation arise the fruit will be in sight (Remy 5). Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because of the importance it is essential to eat foods that will fuel the body for the rest of the day ("Eating What's"¦" 1). This is an example of a healthy breakfast: a glass of juice; 100% orange juice, a fruit; such as a banana or berries, and a piece of toast, preferably wheat ("Healthy Eating Tips" 1). Make sure to keep looking for foods if the right products aren't available on your first new grocery experience.
Just because a product says "fat free" or "calorie free" doesn't mean it is good for you. Ruth Papazian, author of "Healthful Snacks For The Chip & Dip Crowd" says,
For some reason, people seem to think they can eat as much as they want
of food that is low in fat or fat-free. You don't have to go to extremes-
cutting out all snack foods from your diet or eating only products that
are fat-free (2).
Even though a product might seem like it is healthy, looking for hidden calories and sugars is an essential part of reading the labels. Instead, look for lower calorie foods or low sodium snacks (Papazian 1). A lot of today's most popular snack foods can be found with low fat and low salt
product's ( Papazian 1). Since those can be found, choose the low fat and low sodium versions rather than the original ("Healthy Eating"¦" 2). Another new tasty item on the market are chips containing Olestra. The Proctor and Gamble Company, who own the trademark to Olean, associated with WOW Chips, says, "Olestra may cause ["¦] loose stools." By causing "loose stools" Olestra cleans out a person's digestive system of all of the fatty and calorie filled foods. So, keep the low fat snacks available to eat for when hunger strikes ("Eating What's"¦ "1). Fruit is and will always be one of the best sources of energy. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) found that women need 30% more energy than males ("Women need"¦" 1). It tastes great too, without those " sky high" fat grams and "Little Debbie" calories ("Healthy Eating"¦" 2). Look out for those hidden calories and sugars. They will be among the foods that people least expect. When choosing fat- free products make sure to read the labels.
        Over the years the percent of people who think he or she needs to have tons of food has soared ("Food As"¦" 1). To keep weight under control following a sensible diet and exercising will increase the chances of living a nutritious life. (Edelson 3). In order to keep weight under control cut down on the amount of food intake each day ("Healthy Eating"¦" 2). Benefits of not over-eating can lead to: shrinking of the stomach, balancing of hunger, and loss of weight. If the amount of food intake is cut down, the percentage of losing weight will soar to a new high.
        The problem with society is that people want food now but don't know just how big a price will be payed later. Big, juicy, grease soaked, three meat burgers are what people want and get. People get it not by slaving over a hot stove cooking it, but merely driving through a popular fast food restaurant to get it. (Blumenthal 2). At a place such as McDonalds, "super size" is not an option. If it's there and cheap people eat it. When most people don't cook what is being eaten there is a tendency to eat more than expected. What the person paid for is what the person will get.
        The Economic Research Service U. S. Department of Agriculture remarks on the Food Pyramid:
         Since its release, the pyramid has been widely used by nutrition
and health professionals as well as educators and the media and
has helped disseminate the Dietary Guidelines message Food
Consumption 3).
The recommended daily diet found in the Food Guide Pyramid is determined by the
U. S. Department of Agriculture:
                6 "“ 11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, or pasta
                3 "“ 5 servings of vegetables
                2 "“ 4 servings of fruit
                2 "“ 3 servings of fish, poultry, meat, dry beans, eggs, or nuts
                2 "“ 3 servings of milk, yogurt, and cheese (therapeutice"¦1).
Research has shown that if the food pyramid is followed than a person will stay healthy.
        When most people shop, product names and price are looked upon more than the healthiness of the product. The Nutrition Facts panel is found on the back of the product and can be a big help for those watching their diet (Papazian 2). The daily value % is listed on the Nutrition Facts Panel along with the serving size, the number of servings per package, and amounts of fats and other nutrients by weight (Papazian 2,3). When people are in a hurry at the grocery store
labels and nutrition aren't an important factor in their choices of foods. Most people fail to realize just how important the Nutrition Facts Panel is for that product. Today teenagers have not only been seen out having fun but also in many grocery stores (Blumenthal 1). Staff writer for The "FDA Consumer", Dale Blumenthal, remarks on bewildering choices:
                The supermarket with more than 25, 000 items"”can be a bewildering
place to shop. Nutritionists are concerned that teenagers make healthy
food choices. Food manufacturers want to present products that will
appeal to this new market. Both industry and health professionals are
interested in what teenagers look for when they shop (1).
Looking at the Nutrition Facts Panel will help people realize what is in the food he or she is about to consume.
Today most people have to deal with their kids wanting all of the new and interesting kind of snack foods. Children always want what the kid next to them at the schoolroom lunch table has. For parents, it can get sort of expensive after a while. A lot of people nowadays, including teens,
put price over products. Instead of Gushers and Fruit Loops people are buying more reasonably priced substitutions. Such as, the generic juice- filled fruit snacks and Fruity O's. "Forecast Magazine" recently distributed questionnaires to 3, 000 home economics students. The magazine came up with the following results:
                Of the nearly 1,000 teenagers who responded 45.2 percent said
they considered price the most important factor in their food
selections. Taste was a close second at 44 percent, and brand
name was third at 12.4 percent (Blumenthal 2).
Not only are people caring more about prices but value is also another important factor in choosing the correct foods. When going to the grocery store make sure that there are wide selections of different kinds of foods. Keeping options open will guarantee the choice of the
most nutritious products available. Consumers must make sure that the fruits are fresh, the meat is of good quality, and the vegetables are not canned imitations, but the real thing.
Eating well is not the sole reason that people are becoming healthy. Exercising regularly is a big part of leading a nutritious life. With an upbeat routine and attitude about having a healthy existence; exercising at least one time a week will do any person good.
Just because a person is dieting does not mean that that person needs to starve him or herself or deprive his or herself of his or her favorite snack or foods. Just because the person is going to reward himself or herself with a "guilty pleasure", does not mean that he or she needs to eat truckloads of the food. Eat in moderation. If ice cream is wanted try to eat the Healthy Choice brand instead of the regular fat-loaded brand, such as Bryer's. Don't be discouraged if the diet is not working right away. Diets take time to react to a person's body.
        People need to turn their unhealthy life into a healthy one. Assistant professor at Brown University School of Medicine in Providence Rhode Island, John Jakicic Ph.D remarks:
Researchers have found that people who lose weight and
manage to keep it off burn an average of 400 calories per
day [ , ] exercising-equal to about 4 miles of running (Remy 3).
Following one specific diet should not be hard. A person has to remember that what he or she puts in is what he or she will get out. If the person stays positive and does not cheat, then he or she will achieve ultimate success. Not only will he or she look great, but also he or she will feel great about themselves, for not only being healthier, but following through with an event and program that changed his or her life forever. No matter what a person's favorite food is there is always a way to eat it and stay healthy. "The little choices about foods can make a difference in the end" (Remy 1). If a person really wants to get healthy and stay healthy then he or she will. In an editorial of "The America Journal of Clinical Nutrition" and editorialist asked the following:
                 If humans represent the most intelligent form of life on this
planet, why is it that they find it so difficult to make the
apparently small adjustments in daily behavior that we
calculate would halt the continuing rise in obesity (Remy 1).
It's a person's duty as a human being to live the fullest, most healthy, most nutritious life he or she can life. It is up to the person if he or she wants to be healthy. He or she is the only person who can make this life decision. If no one in the world decides to make the choice to live a completely healthy life, what hope is there for the next generation? It is a proven fact that society as we know it needs more health conscious in order to live a better life.


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