A Night To Remember

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The flashing neon signs, the sparkles on the brightly light stage, the hundreds and thousands of screaming fans waving their bright blue and green glow sticks for the arrival of the hottest band ever, all adjoin to the greatest night I have ever had.

It was a hot summer day in July where it all began. I woke up that very morning with the sun shinning brilliantly in my eyes and a song in my heart, a *N sync song in fact. For today was the very day I would get to see *Nsync, the five most hottest guys ever! The day lulled about aimlessly, it seemed like it would never end. My mom was preparing for tonight by buying squishy, bright yellow and orange earplugs and a five hundred count bottle of extremely white aspirin tablets. She thinks their melodic music is great but she cannot handle the extremely loud screaming of the hormone driven teenagers who secretly lust for the ugliest member of *Nsync but don't admit it. The long hours finally passed and we came down to the home stretch. The remaining hours got shorter and shorter until it was time for me to get ready. I took a hot shower and thick warm steam filled the bathroom until it felt like a sauna, an hour later I finished and went quickly into my chilly room where I had my brand-new *Nsync cd loudly blaring on my stereo. I brushed my think curly hair and added creamy yet translucent gel into my hair. I dusted my entire body with sparkly powder and my skin was glowing brilliantly. My eyes were shinning brightly like the stars in the sky with lusty, gold eye shadow.

I was just about ready when my mom burst into my room and told me it was time to leave. We ran excitedly down the stairs to the garage where our sparkly white car with the blue and white soap painted *Nsync praises written on the windows, we got inside. On the long way their we saw lots of cars with many large pictures and brightly colored signs on them. We finally arrived at the large hatbox like stadium; my heart was pounding rapidly like a scared bunny rabbit. I was so exited. We got inside the stadium and went to our cold, hard, poop green colored seats; the entire stadium was filled with screaming girls and a few odd guys. Suddenly the lights fell and the entire stadium was as dark as the midnight sky, except for the brilliant glow of the *Nsync glow in the dark sticks as soon I heard the beautifully melodic voices of my five *Nsync guys, I went nuts!

I screamed my head off as I watched the five of them get all sweaty as they bumped and grinded to the music. The concert went by so quickly and each performance got better and better, by the last song my voice was dry and cracked and my mom had taken numerous chalky aspirins. The night was over and I was still pumped. We fought and clawed our way through the parking lot like cats in order to get out and be on our way back to serenity of our home.

The car ride home was fast and while we were driving I put on the *Nsync cd and listened to the concert all over again, in fact I think I burned another hole in it. By the time we got home my *Nsync night was over and I was extremely tired. I hopped sprightly into bed and laid my head on my soft feathery pillow and dreamt of my fabulous night all over again! " "¦But the truth remains your gone"¦" - *Nsync "“ Gone.
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