A Perfect Swing

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How to Swing a Bat Correctly

        Does a correct swing make your timing on the ball better? Is the ball hit harder, and does it go further? Yes, with a correct and compact swing you can time your swing easier, hit it further, and much harder than an abnormal swing. Some people are different naturally, and can hit the ball just as good in many different ways; but for best results every swing should follow the perfect swing procedures. The three categories that I think are most important are: the approach, the timing, and the follow through.
During the approach stay relaxed and focus on the pitcher. While getting relaxed in the box you should keep your feet shoulder length apart. This will give you good balance, and positioning (you can stand up or back in the box depending on how fast the pitcher throws). When the pitcher starts his wind up bend your knees, get your hands back (you can keep your front elbow up or down depending on what feels better to you), and get ready to time your swing. Now your natural ability, practice, and instinct will pay off on the timing.

When the ball comes toward you "stride and cock." This is a saying that helps explain what to do. Striding means to stride with your front leg in whichever way you want (big step, little step or no step), and cock means put your hands back so you're ready to swing. Professionals recommend a short stride for best results. It takes a lot of practice to master these steps. But these three steps are a lot easier than the follow through.

Before you begin the follow through remember to stay relaxed even when you're cocked and ready to go. You want your follow through natural, smooth, and unanticipated. Your bat speed will be determined on how strong and quick you are. The stronger you are the harder you will hit the ball. First thing of the follow through has to be your back leg, and hips (you want to turn your hips with as much torque as you can), this will cause your back foot to pivot around. Now your legs and body are in the right position for the swing. Second, bring your hands out first. You want your hands out in front so you have better snap with your wrists. A hard snap adds to the strength, quickness, and timing in anyone's swing. Last, when the bat makes contact with the ball you want your chin on your back shoulder, and your eye on the ball until the bat swings around. After the bat comes around pick up the ball and react to the situation.

In conclusion, every baseball player tries to master these techniques in their own little special ways. If you master the original techniques first, and then make little adjustments to fit your style you will be on your way to a perfect swing. Remember, a perfect swing isn't learned and executed in one day. It takes practice, dedication, and the natural ability to bring it all together.
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