A Prayer

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A prayer that all homes should be.....

Where parents pray so that children follow
Where the Quran is recited early and late
Where neither work nor play deflects the inmates of the home from the remembrance of God.
Where the lamp of God is lit.
Where the inmates of the home bow before none but God.
Where the one focus of fear and obedience is God.
Where all fears flee in the face of the one fear of God.
Where none seeks aid of anyone other than God.
Where all seek refuge in God.
Where all race towards God.
So that His mercy may warp them round.
Where hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of God.
Where, all prayers prayed, there is in the heart, moving on the lips, shining in the eyes: the constant exhaltation of God.
Where the mind is Free and the head is held high.
Where the truth is spoken without fear or favor.
Where truth and falsehood never mix.
Where truth prevails leaving no room for falsehood, and falsehood flees,
Where no pledge is ever broken nor any trust betrayed.
Where trails and tribulations are borne with courage.
Where steadfastness presides.
Where faith guides the way through all periods of panic and disaster.
Where, come what may , there is supreme assurance that from God we come and to God we return.
Where there is throbbing awareness of God's abundant mercy and grace.
Where every good evokes gratitude and every affliction renews faith.
(To be continued....)
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