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Have you ever had so much to deal with that you wish there was a place you could go to just get away from it all? Imagine a place where the only thing surrounding you is stars. There aren't any cars, lights or people around to bother you. It is the most beautiful and peaceful place. This is the place my two best girlfriends and I discovered. One night, we were having a lot of problems with another friend and we went to this spot to talk about it. When we talked, there wasn't anyone there to interrupt or eavesdrop on us. It was so comforting knowing that no one could hear us or judge us for what we were saying. But when we stopped talking we realized that this was a place that was so wonderful that we didn't need to talk. It was just so amazing how beautiful it was. Now, not only do we go there to "get away," but we also go there to just relax and look at the scenery. It's our little secret getaway, as far as we know, out in the middle of nowhere where nothing can disturb us. It is really nice to have the security of knowing that there really is a place that relieves all of your troubles. Even though, in reality, there isn't such a place that takes all of your troubles away permanently, a little break sure is nice.
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