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Dr. Ellie Arroway worked on S.E.T.I (Search for Extra Trrestrail Intelligence). She worked at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. There she would listen for radio and sound signals coming from stars. Ellie might have the Drake Equation (N = R* x fs x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L) which estimates how many communicating civilizations there may be in space. Science does play a big important role in the movie. Studying Stars is Ellie's profession, which is part of science, and so are the tools she uses. At the beginning Ellie was into science, she had a ham radio and telescope that she regularly used. Ellie met Palmer Joss, a religious man who is in Puerto Rico gathering information for his book Losing Faith. Throughout the movie Palmer Joss talks about things happing as an act of faith and religion. Palmer Joss says "technology is taking the role of God." Meaning that we are explaining things, getting more information and we are getting more answers from science than from God. Before going into the machine a person asked Ellie if she believed in God. She said in a way there is no scientific proof that there is a God. In a conversation with Ellie, Palmer Joss says there is no proof saying the God is not real. So throughout the movie they are going back and forth talking about religion. Hadden was a rich billionaire who solved the puzzle to form the blue prints for the machine and he also funded Ellie after her funding was cut by the National Science Foundation.
        If extraterrestrial live was found it would change the way we think and do everyday things. Some religious views say that we are the only ones in the universe and it would also contradict many other religious views. Our political structure would change because all of the sudden we might have millions or billions of people that are much more advanced than we are. We would want to incorporate them into our society because we would want to learn everything they know. We also would not know if they hostile so we would try and welcome them as best as we could. World order might change, the aliens might take over. It would probably be a good thing because they have traveled and have many more years of knowledge than we do.
        Many people influenced Ellie's life including Palmer Joss, her father and Ken. Palmer Joss made Ellie realize that there is more to life than what science can do and answer. She probably couldn't have made it through the whole ordeal with out the relationship with Palmer Joss. He gave her someone to talk to, lean on, and gave her spiritual insight. Her father touched her life by getting her a ham radio and telescope. Those gifts gave her the wanting to learn science and to be an astronomer. David Drumlin was Ellie's former mentor. After her discovrey he took all the credit for most of the work. Ellie learned that she needed to be more aggressive and get the primer from Hadden to, "put her back in the game."
Ellie and David Drumlin have the same beliefs mainly because they are both the main scientists working on the project. They both seemed willing to die to find what would happen when they went through the machine. Palmer Joss and Mr. Kitz both had similar views because they were not scientists. They had had a vague understanding of the scientific meaning.
        I think technology has helped us a lot. Take computers for instance; with this invention we can, graph, design, write, view, solve, better than we ever could before. Computers speed up all kinds of tasks figuring hard math problems, designing cars, and designing equitment (cad). They make our lives easier. We do rely on computers and machines too much to fly planes and figure out what diseases someone has. Science has not replaced the role of religion; they are totally different. Science can answer true, false questions about the Bible, God or any other religous belief because there is no information to lead either way.
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