A Review Of Flyy Girl

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A Review of Flyy Girl
        The book that I chose to read for the assignment was Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree. In this novel he writes about a young black girl, going through adolescence in the 1980's. At the beginning of the story the main character Tracy, is having her sixth birthday party. At this point she was an only child, which lived with both of her parents. The family lived a nice neighborhood, in northwest Philadelphia. As the story progresses Tracy's father moves out, that is when things start to change for her. Tracy and her mother got to stay in their nice home, but Tracy was starting to go through a period of her life where she was going to need both of her parents there for her. At the age of six, Tracy and her friends were not interested in the opposite sex. A few years later, Tracy was willing to admit her first crush. After that life with boys went very fast for her and her friends. The older Tracy got the more boyfriends she had. Going with the story Tyree, explains many of the things that Tracy had to go through as she grew up. Such as not having her father there all the time, her mother having a baby, then her father move back in after being gone so long, and falling in love with the first boy that she was sexually active with, and many more difficult situation and decisions that adolescent have to make and deal with. Then at the end of the story she turns her life around and heads off to college, with a different perspective of life.
        I think the theory that goes best with Tracy, is Bronfrenbrenner's ecological theory of development. In Bronfrenbrenner's theory there are five environmental systems, ranging from close personal interactions to the larger social trends. The theory is microsystems. This would be the setting in which Tracy lived in, this would include her family, peers, school, and neighborhood. This applies to Tracy because she not just part of the occurrences in her life, she helped create some of those situations. For example, Tracy was the most popular girl in the neighborhood and school. She was not elected most popular person, she helped put herself there and she tried very hard to stay in the popular crowd. She had to have the nicest and most expensive clothes. Tracy would only date the best looking and popular boys from her area. She would settle for nothing less. Not only was Tracy the most popular from her school and neighborhood she was also the "spoiled" kid of her family because for a long time she was the only child. She got everything that she asked and wanted.
The second stage for Bronfrenbrenner's Ecological Theory that applies to Tracy is mesosystem. The mesosystem has to do with examples of the relationship of family experiences to school experiences, school experiences to work experiences, and family experiences to peer experiences. This going along with Tracy because when her family was together and everything was happy, school was good for her. Tracy didn't not mind going to school, she was considered a good student. She showed up on time and listened and obeyed the rules that the teachers enforced upon her. Once Tracy got older and her father left their "happy" home things didn't go so great for her in the school setting. She started going to school late and her grades started to slowly drop. She got into arguments with her teachers. She felt that she did not have to listen and obey their rules. Tracy was too young to have a job when the story first began; therefore work was not an issue. But once she became of age, she did get a job. She got her first job once her father moved back in. That was the period of time once she got her life back on track, by going to school and working like the majority of teenager her age. When Tracy was going thru a difficult time with her family, she did have a few fights with her friends. Most teenage girls have their moments with their peers, but Tracy tried to cause a few unnecessary ones.
Third theory that goes along with the character is exosystem. The exosystem has to deal with experiences with other social settings. This goes along with Tracy because at one point during her highschool years, she got a new group of friends. This new crowd was college girls. From hanging out with these girls, Tracy developed new theories for life. She uses to date the popular boys with the most money. A few of her boyfriend were drug dealers. She dated these boys because they were the richest and they could buy her anything that she wanted. Once talking to these girls Tracy soon broke up with her latest boyfriend, Cash. They got her to realize that money was not everything and that you didn't have to have the most expensive clothes and jewelry. After hanging out with her newfound friends Tracy started to care more about her African heritage. She changed the style she wore her hair and some of the clothes that she wore. Before she graduated high school she did go back to her usual outer appearance but she had a different perspective on life.
Next, the theory of Bronfrenbrenner's theory is macrosystem. The macrosystem is the cultural, which a person lives in. This relates to Tracy because, she lived in a neighborhood of all African Americans. At the begging of the story, she was not that aware of her heritage. But as I said in the last paragraph, toward the end of her senior year of high school she became in touch with her roots. She lived like the typical American. Once she came in touch with herself she started wearing her hair all-natural. She no longer wore her big gaudy jewelry. She started to read more books about where her ancestors had come from. She became interested in the African American history. I think that macrosystem applies here because of the cultural Tracy was from and later learned in more about in life.
The final theory is chronosystem. Chronosystem is the pattern of environmental events and transitions over the life course and social historical circumstances. This last stage is appropriate for Tracy, because at the beginning she is a carefree person. She has no worries; she goes and comes as she pleases. She does not think about the future. She has no really commitments in life. After some of the situation and decision that she has to make after going thru adolescents; she has a whole new outlook on life. After she had gotten out of school she looked back on life and realized what she need to do to have a happy life. She decided to go on and pursue a college degree and to settle for one guy. Not to sleep with whomever had the most money but one that she truly cared about. I believe that was Tracy's big transition in life.
Tracy went through puberty at a very early age. She was one of the most developed girls in her class. She was described as the "knockout". She had what all the boys wanted. Tracy was also envied by a lot of girls, even some of her closest friends. Her mother was pleased and willing to accept the fact that her daughter was grown up to be a fully developed woman. Tracy's father moved back in, her being at the age of fifteen, was a little more cautious of his baby girl growing up. Tracy was very happy with the development of herself. She liked the attention that she received from all of the boys. She put herself on a pedestal because all the girls were hoping for a body like hers. Tracy had no problem at all being an early developer.
Tracy was well liked through all of her adolescence years. She had her main group of friends through most of her highschool life. She did have a new group at the end of junior year and the first part of her senior year, but she was basically with the same girls most of the time. She was well respected by all of her peers. She had a few girls that she had disagreements with because she stole their boyfriends, but other than that she was well respected by all of her peers. If I had to put Tracy into a peer group status, she would definitely go into the "poplar crowd". Because she had her best friends and she was rarely disliked by her other peers. Tracy was looked at as the leader of her clique. She was the one that had grown up fastest. She was the first to show interest in the opposite sex. She also was the first to be sexually active and soon after her friends followed in her footsteps.
When first introduced, Tracy liked school and got good grades. Her mother was involved in her life. But once Tracy had reached junior high, and her mother was a working and caring for Tracy and her new baby bother, Tracy began to slack off more. This carried on through her first couple of years of high school. Then once Tracy's father moved back in the family was once again in the "happy home". This is when Tracy started acting better and caring more about what she was going to make out of life.
Tracy being a young African American girl was not in touch with her culture at the beginning of life. Through most of her adolescents she had not been in touch with her heritage. She was more caught up with money, clothes, and boys. But then once she became friends with a few college girls and they opened her eyes to her culture. She then started to study her heritage and where her ancestors had came from and what they had went through. After learning all of the history, her views of money, clothes, and boys changed. She changed the way she looked inside and out.
Tracy's lived in the tradition family at the beginning of the novel. But things soon broke away from that life. She then lived in a single parent home, which had an affect on her in some ways. Her father still had contact with the family, but his visits only came once a month. Her actual living environment did not change. Her and her mother got to stay in their nice neighborhood and her father paid the bill, but things were still hard for them now. Both of Tracy's parents played their role of mother and father even though for a while they did not live in the same household. Both of her parents were the authortive type. Although when Tracy's father first moved out her mother started to act more like an authoritarian parent, but that stage did not last long.
        In conclusion, I think that Omar Tryee's book Flyy Girl shows good examples of Bronfrenbrenner's Ecological Theory. I think that it equally touches on all five of his theories. Those five theories consist of the microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and chronosystem.

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