A Second Look

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The The Thin Red Line was a grasping and moving film. With it's vast variety of actors who all played their part very well. The director Terrence Malick did an excellent job bringing the mood of the movie to the viewer. It was like the action was right in front of your face and the deeper aspect drilled into your head. There wasn't a second of the film that wasn't keeping you on the edge of your seat or making you think twice about what the thin red line really was. The film wasn't worthy of it's several award nominations but it was definaty one that left the viewer with a couple of questions.
        This film is not the type to be watched for the soul reason of blood and guts but more a sycological and deeper film. If your looking for killing Saving Private Ryan is more what you are looking for. The Thin Red Line captured the mental distraut of war. What went through the soldiers heads when the bullets were flying and also when the streachers were being carried. It was definatly not a typical war story. Malick used a different approach when making this movie. Using an abundance of symbolism and different tones to express the different ideas of the soldiers.
        Malick, by using the soldiers thoughts to progress the movie made the film more open to new viewers. People that look for a deeper meaning in life could really relate to this movies message. That there is more to life that just whats infront of you. Malick also used relationships to strike deeper into the minds of of the observer. The flashbacks between the man and his wife created a feeling of love and loss that is created by the presence of war. The bond those two shared was held together even through the utter termoil war creates. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It wasn't only the relationships between people that appealled to many. The connection between the aligator and what when on with the soldiers was also a meaningful situation. Again using symbolism it expressed the realitys of life. That in the end we all get captured wether its by eachother or by God. No matter how peacefull and pure life is it can turn around and kick your ass.
        Character developement was a very important factor in this film. By showing the progression the soldiers made, through the events and situation they were presented with it highlighted the everlasting effect war can have on people. Malick displayed the step some of these men took to crossing the line. The line that seperated fact from fiction. The real world from fantasy. Not many of the soldiers realised this reality but the ones who did wished they could go back into their dream world.
        Is there another world within this world we live it. Through Malicks script he speaks of a place that is pure, a place that is natural and wholesome. The small native village is that place. In the beginning childern are smiling and the people are happy but through the film everything changes. Nature is corrupted through the acts of human nature. In the blink of an eye even the sacred of all places can be disturbed. It is hard to believe that this large rock we live on use to be civilized and natural. The negitive effects of human nature is another issue Malick is trying to present.
        This film did not score very highly with the average war story fan but it did touch a variety of other movie viewers hearts. Malick tried a different approach with this film trying to reach out to a new audience and also trying to convert some of the people who don't think twice when they keep driving it to the same brick wall. This movie was only stunning if that deeper meaning was found.
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