A Smell Of Death

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I am dirty. I am just a pile of loath. I am the dirtiest human on this earth. I have no sense of cleanliness. I don't brush my teeth. I don't wash my hands. I don't wash my hair. I don't even wipe the skin of my bare ass. If I'm tired I won't even put in an ounce of effort to walk to the bathroom. I urinate on myself. I have build up of disgusting droppings cemented on the outer layers of my crevice. I am a disgusting person. I have such a distinctive body odor that could be compared to the sense of milk that's been sitting in the middle of the Sahara Desert for a 100 days. Nobody cares for me so the smell is my encouragement to make myself unable to communicate. Nobody talks to me. I don't want to talk to people. Why do I smell? Is it for a reason? I'll explain. My odor is outrageously terrible. I'm use to it. I like the to see persons reactions. It brings excitement to me. I don't have to converse with other human beings because of the odors I release.
My teeth have degenerated into little chips of nothing. My gums are no longer gums but flesh that has putrid away. I have maggots crawling through my skin eating away my soft tissue surrounding my bones. Everyday I get weaker and weaker as my skin burns like acid. I don't care. I need no one or anything to be or want, except my smell. It may not be the most enthusiastic way for to treat you but that's all I care for.
The dirt clinched to my skin is so extraordinary. What do people think of bad hygiene? Why do I have to do what society wants? To make everyone more comfortable with each other. I forget society, I don't follow the regulations that everyone else does because I'm not going to be treated as the other guy. I am free to do as I please. I'm so filthy to which I accept with gratitude. I have no one to tell me to do as I please. I s this the reason why I choose to smell? Probably, but the out right laziness and non motivation the brings upon my life is for the smell. It shows that I don't have to use pebbles to purchase soap, shampoo, or toothpaste. I'm so happy with my vapors.
        But I'm really a smelly loner that has no where to go but where I'm at now. My smell is the only thing people react to as the walk. I'm torn to pieces as the maggots continue living off of my flesh. Not because of the maggots but the way people avoid to stroll by upon where I lay. At least I'm worth something to another creature. I'm dying as my smell gets stronger and stronger each day and night that pasts. I'm running out of flesh. The maggots are leaving. "Please come back little fellas" I say, but they keep going. I'm I'm now a smelly, disgusting, gross, non-flesh, toothless, hairless person that has no name to the world. I am dead.

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