A Summary Of Hamlet

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        The main characters in Hamlet include Hamlet, Cluadius,
Polonius, Gertrude, Ophelia, Laertes, and Horatio. This
play is centralized around Hamlet, however the other
characters contribute to his problems.
        The main character is Hamlet. Hamlet is the son of
passed King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude. He must decide
whether to kill his uncle Claudius and revenge his father's
death. Hamlet is an introspective character who does not
know whether to trust the ghost of his father or not. He
hates his mother for marrying Claudius so soon after his
father's death, and he is in love with Ophelia until she
rejects him. Some of the qualities Hamlet possesses include
anger, hatred, distrust, and confusion. Hamlet is really
trying to discover who he is. This can be seen throughout
the entire play. For example, the scene in which Hamlet
killed Polonius through the curtain. Hamlet was so enraged
there was no stopping him, however, Hamlet thought the
person behind the curtain was the King. When Hamlet relizes
that he had killed Polonius it is as if, he feels a sense of
        The next character is Cluadius. Cluadius is the
brother of the late King of Denmark and the uncle to Hamlet.
He murdered his brother in order to seize the throne, and
subsequently married Gertrude, the Queen of Denmark. This
man has the value of power and hatred. He killed his own
brother to become King. This is because he wanted the power
of a kingdom.
        Polonius is another main character. Polonius is a lord
who is the father of Laertes and Ophelia. He is the first to
believe that Hamlet's madness is the result of Ophelia
rejecting him. Polonius is accidentally killed by Hamlet
while eavesdropping on a conversation between Hamlet and
Gertrude. He is a deceptive character. He only wants what
is best for himself and ends up dying because of this
        Fourth is Queen Gertrude. Gertrude is the widow of the
late King Hamlet, and the current wife of Claudius. She
seems unaware that Claudius killed her former husband until
Hamlet confronts her directly. However, she also believes
that Hamlet is mad after he sees the ghost of his father in
her presence, a ghost she cannot see.
        Ophelia is another character. Ophelia is the daughter
of Polonius, she is in love with Hamlet but rejects him
after her father orders he to do so. She later goes mad
after Polonius is murdered, and soon after commits suicide
by drowning herself. Ophelia lived through the eyes of her
father. She did what he wanted and when he wanted it. This
is proven when she commits suicide after her father's death.
        Ophelia's brother is Laertes. Laertes is the son of
Polonius, he is first send to France but returns when he
learns that his father has been killed. He fights Hamlet in
a fencing match at the end, and kills Hamlet by slashing him
with a poisoned foil. Understandably upset at Hamlet,
Laertes did what he saw fit to handle the situation.
        The final character in a friend of Hamlet. Horatio is
a friend of Hamlet who is the first to inform him about the
ghost of Old Hamlet. He is the only friend Hamlet trusts by
the end of the play, and he is ordered to reveal the true
story of why Hamlet killed Claudius. He shows the qualities
of a good friend throughout the entire play.
        The main conflict in this play is within Hamlet. He is
trying to figure out how to handle the situation between
King Cluadius and his father. In doing this the ghost of
his father keeps visiting him. These visits disturb Hamlet.
In the end King Cluadius is killed by Hamlet, however this
is after his mother is poisoned.
        I agree with the killing of Cluadius. He killed
Hamlets father and made him on the edge of insanity. I feel
that Cluadius should have been killed as soon as Hamlet
discovered the truth.

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