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Quiz Show, based on a true story, takes place in the 1950's right as the great invention of the television began to become a necessary furnishing in American homes. The movie deals with the idol-like status that Americans so willing give to those in the spotlight.
        The movie opens with Herbert Stemple being fed answer to questions on a popular game show, 21. The producers, Dan Enwright and Jack Berry, have decided that because the audience can relate to Stemple that he will continue to be fed the answers and he will continue to win. However, someone higher up realizes that the ratings have plateaued and a new face could help to raise them. This is when Charles VanDoren comes into the picture.
        Charles VanDoren is a member of a very prominent and educated family. He first denies the offer to be fed the answers so they ask him questions they know he has the answers. They eventually run out of these and begin feeding him the answers and he is so caught up in the fame and attention he has gained that he can't say no. Herbert Stemple, embittered about his loss, goes to a Grand Jury and tells everything about he was forced to take a fall; however he leaves out the fact that he was fed the answers. The Grand Jury closes the case. Richard Goodwin, a member of a Congressional Subcommittee designed to monitor television. He gets the whole truth out of Stemple and takes it to court. Dan Enwright takes the fall, to the disappointment of Goodwin. While the goal of the subcommittee was to get the networks, they got Enwright and VanDoren instead.
        This movie was the beginning of the end of the innocence that made this era so proud. It was one of the first signs that people of this time were less innocent than previous times. It was the beginning of the vicarious living through celebrities that has become so commonplace these days.
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