ABCDE Method: Quick Analysis

  • Category: Psychology
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  • Grade: 100
Timmy is called a chicken by the bully on the playground for not doing some thing that would have gotten him in trouble. Everyone on the playground has witnessed this event. This upsets Timmy a lot.

A: The activating event in this case is the bully calling Timmy a chicken.

B: The beliefs that are associated with this situation could be Timmy felling;
"I am a chicken.", "Everyone is going to laugh at me.", "No one is going to want to be my friend.", "I'll never be able to play on the playground again."

C: The consequence of all of this is that Timmy is going to feel depressed and alone, he
may not want to be seen on the playground in fear of being ridiculed.

D/E: To dispute these thoughts, not every one will laugh at him, his friends won't. He
should also realize that a lot of kids will actually look up to him for standing up to the bully, knowing he would be made fun of. He shouldn't be worried about those who do laugh think because he did the right thing and that is all that matters.
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