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Some Christians believe that human life is sacred. Explain how this belief influences their attitudes to abortion and euthanasia, show that you understand other points of view

A definition of abortion would be that abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus whilst still in the womb. It is said that every foetus is a potential human being and some people would argue that abortion is simply murder as the embryo is a human from conception but others would oppose this argument.

The early Christian church generally opposed abortion. For hundreds of years, however, a debate raged in the church on whether abortion might be justifiable before animation. Christian theologians defined animation as the point at which a foetus received a soul. According to church teachings, animation occurred between 40 to 80 days after conception. From about the 1300¡¦s to the 1800¡¦s abortion before animation became a generally accepted practice in Europe, if the pregnancy endangered the life of a mother. If an abortion was performed before animation for a less serious reason, many theologians considered it wrong but not homicide. Then In 1869, Pope Pius IX condemned abortion from the moment of conception, but some Catholic theologians continued to teach that abortions performed to save the mother were morally acceptable. It now stands that you can have an abortion upto 24 weeks after conception but after then the foetus is considered to have a life (The 1990 Abortion Act states).

Nowadays you can¡¦t say Christianity is against or for abortion but some the doctrines of curtain denominations of Christianity are mainly anti-abortion like the majority of Roman Catholics. As abortion is such a controversial issue there are no denominations that are 100% anti-abortion or 100% for abortion. They instead take very close yet very different views. Such the Roman Catholic teaches it is a sin unless by aborting the baby you are saving the mothers life. The Church of England believes that abortion is acceptable if the mothers live or mental suability is at risk, if the mother was subject to rape or the baby will be survirly handicapped. This gives a lot of leeway and controverseality with in the church as to the choose of the mother in the cases of abortion. As there is no boundary to say what level of handicapped is server or the level of metal instability you need to have before you can abort. This allows a mother to abort a baby but leaves her with moral and ethical decisions. The free church such as Methodists and Baptists agree with the Church of England but also accept that an abortion is justified in the case lack of income which would lead to a deprived upbringing and place pressure on the mother. It is arguments like this that can make an abortion acceptable for members of the Church of England under the mother¡¦s mental stability.

There are still non-religious organisations that are strongly opposed and want to legally limit or forbid abortion (¡§pro-life¡¨) and unlike the religious view regarding the mother they defend the foetus instead. Using a more discriminate and economic arguments such as:
"žq Scanning has become routine to prevent a demand on financing the disabled
"žq Saying ¡§it is unethical to know detail before the birth¡¨
"žq By being able to abort babies if you don¡¦t want them or they¡¦re not to your ideal image. You are forming an Arran race (like Hitler tried to)
"žq Disabled people are only just coming out of isolation but there are still people who have never been around disabled people and thus have very narrow-minded opinions and a fear to be disabled.
"žq The woman¡¦s choose may have been made by fear and not from a knowledge of the facts.
"žq Disabled people have less say on the issues such as abortion in the case of disability.
"žq Doctors may be wrong
"žq The foetus is a separate human from conception. It is not just a part of the mothers body
"žq The UN declaration of rights states that children need protection before and after birth
"žq Abortions can go wrong and can have devastating effects on a women
"žq If contraception is more widely available there would be no need for abortion.
"žq God gave life and only he can take it away (sanctity of life)

.But there are other non-religious organisations like S.A.T.F.A (¡§pro-life¡¨) that like Christianity and take the side of the mother but believe it should be her decision. They consider the individuals more than the large social issues such as should scanning be performed etc. They act no the mothers and child¡¦s behalf and believe:
"žq The mother has the right to choose
"žq You shouldn¡¦t put a child though pain
"žq May cause a lack of jobs due to over population
"žq Less will end up getting spent on social services if they are funding child welfare etc.
"žq It is the woman¡¦s body, therefore her decision
"žq Foetus is only potential life
"žq Freedom of choice
"žq If abortion was made illegal it would lead to a raise in dangers back street abortions
"žq Every child should be a wanted child
"žq Adoption is more traumatic than abortion
"žq Abortion is a humane and practical way of helping a rape victim.
I believe that there may be more arguments against abortion but the arguments for abortion are more compelling but are not floorless and there should be more control regarding abortion.

The one of the main arguments once used by pro abortionists is that the embryo/foetus is a part of the mother¡¦s body but it was then found that the child had a distinct genotype from the mother. This also may be seen to expel the view of your body being the holy spirits temple and by killing a part of your body you are damaging the temple or you can see the foetus being a separate temple.

In genesis 1:27 it says ¡§have many children so that your descendants will live all over the earth and bring it under control¡K¡¨. This can be seen as anti-abortion as it says, ¡§have many children¡¨ .It also implies that as you should have chosen a good partner your descendants will be good and able to bring the earth under control but in the case of rape to the same rules apply. In Corinthians 6 v.18-20 Paul teaches any man who is guilt of sexual immorality against his own body. Is also a sin against the holy sprit that lives in you and was given to you by god. As god owns you as he bought you for a price, which was his son¡¦s death. This show¡¦s that even god scarified his son for a greater good, which some woman may believe that by abortion they are preventing discomfort and upset etc.

You may also see that if a car runs down some one, their life is taken by the driver and not god or you may say god wanted the person to be hit for a greater good. If he wanted a person to die like this why not by abortion or euthanasia.

Euthanasia is defined as the gentle and easy death or mercy killing. This is also a key issue but the views in Christianity are more widely universal as the majority of doctrines of the denominations are mainly opposed to euthanasia. There are still compelling arguments for and against it thou such as:
"žq It can quickly and humanely end someone¡¦s suffering.
"žq Every one should have the right to choose when they die
"žq Cheaper
"žq It may help someone face death better if they know they can die with dignity
"žq It may help shorten the suffering of the patient¡¦s loved ones
"žq The initial decision about euthanasia could be made when the patient was of sound mind and not suffering.
"žq They can die in peace with god
For euthanasia and:
"žq It is illegal
"žq Hospices may have replaced the need for euthanasia.
"žq Pain-killing drugs are available to help the patient die with dignity
"žq People may feel a burden to their families and opt for euthanasia when it is not what they really want.
"žq Life is sacred (gen.1:27)
"žq Euthanasia devalues life
"žq Under the Hippocratic oath, doctors have to try to preserve life.
For against but these are not foorless. Religiously the bible passages above state the key passages of importance.
The main issue is do you regard the body to be sacred and owned by god or not?
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