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This interactive, online musical experience puts the world of music at your fingertips. Theory, History, Styles, Professions, and Instruments are explained fully. Learn about note reading and chords, and explore historical information spanning from Medieval times to the present. The section on Music Styles is very in-depth and gives the definition and background on all types of music ranging from Caribbean to Rock. Languages: English.

Contest - 1998 Internet Challenge

Musically Inclined

There are many aspects to the art we call music. Using the ability of the web to teach, Musically Inclined tries to make music education as enjoyable as music entertainment. A complete library hosts a collection of interesting and informative articles, including interviews with world famous musicians and detailed information on every modern orchestral instrument and its international relatives. Our unique concert hall area contains musical performances of composers like Chopin and Beethoven, but also jazz performances by world famous musicians, and even works submitted by users. In the interactive pages, users find themselves using the web as a true means of education. With games where you can test your ?good ear?, and a forum where you discuss the latest in the music world. Musically Inclined is nicknamed, ?the ultimate music resource?, but it?s also the ultimate music classroom.

Contest - 2000 Internet Challenge

!FORTISSIMO! A Program for Musical Development

Hitting all the right notes, this web site soars into excellence with its simple design and clearly-written content. Students can explore the terminology of music, including words used in musical notation. They can also use this site to find short biographies of famous composers. Various musical instruments are pictured, along with a brief annotation for each one. As is appropriate for a site about music, audio clips of some of these instruments are available.

Contest - 1996 Internet Challenge

The Symphony: An Interactive Guide

Do you love classical music? This is a comprehensive resource for people wanting to learn more about symphonies. You will find rich biographies of major musical composers. Recordings of nine great symphonies can be heard with RealAudio, some are recorded by youth orchestras. You can try the symphonic quiz, take part in the survey, or post on the discussion board. This is an excellent, well-written site, with many illustrations.

Contest - 1998 Internet Challenge

Music World

Music World explains four different types of music: classical, jazz, MIDI, and trumpet. The classical division includes its history, biographies of musicians, and classical music theory. Most of the sound archives are in this section. The Jazz division includes information about improvisation and the blues. The MIDI area explains what MIDI is and has an extensive MIDI file archive. The Glossary is an added bonus.

Contest - 1998 Internet Challenge

The World of Music

Whether they play the shakuhachi or the congas, people in all countries express themselves through music. Click a continent on the web site's maps to find out about the history of music in that part of the world. The section on musical instruments is organized into four families: aerophones, chordophones, idiophones, and membranophones, and you can hear examples of many of the instruments being played. Links to other music sites will rock your world..

Contest - 1997 Internet Challenge

Music, The food that feeds our souls

Read about the history of rock and roll, from the early blues-inspired music of the 50s, to the progressive art influenced styles of the 90s. As a cultural phenomenon, this style of popular music has created its own world of criticism and writing, style and politics. A jukebox for listening to popular tunes, and artists' biographies round out the site.

Contest - 1998 Internet Challenge

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