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Absolutism is when the king or queen has complete control over their empire. They control the religious as well as political aspects in society. They usually keep their nobles close by so they could keep an eye on them, and make sure they don't get too much power. They also make close ties with the lower class because they don't want the lower classes to rebel. Absolute monarchs believed in the divine right. This meant that they were granted the position of absolute ruler from God. God was the only person above the absolute monarchs.
        The absolute ruler of France was Louis the XIV, son of Henry the IV. Louis became king in 1643, when he was 5 years of age. Cardinal Mazarin took control of the empire until Louis was 23 years old. Louis's first plan was to increase his power by diminishing the power of the nobles. Louis accomplished this by appointing people called intendants. Their job was mainly to keep an eye on the nobles, collect taxes, and administer justice. Louis then tried to increase his power by trying to conquer land outside of France. Through this movement he invaded the Spanish Netherlands. Louis noted his success and continued onward. He continued onto the Dutch Netherlands, but there his army was defeated. The Dutch opened the flood gates and drowned Louis's men. When Louis died people had mix emotions. He did leave behind a great palace, to show his power and wealth of France, yet he did leave the people of France in high debts. So in actuality Louis had both a positive and negative effect on France.
        The absolute ruler of Russia was Peter the Great. Peter made trips to the West and began to bring back ideas from the West. Peter's first reform was by bringing the Church under the states control. This allowed peter to control the religious aspects of Russia. He set up the Holy Synod to help run the Church with his direction. Peter then, like Ivan the Terrible, he began to reduce the power of landowners by giving their land away to the lower class. He did this because he wanted to gain the loyalty of the lower classes, so they wouldn't have reason to rebel. Peter westernized Russia, by introducing new foods, newspapers, he raised social status of women, and introduced new clothing to the nobles. He also established a new capital that allowed Russia to import and export goods, because the new capital was set along a body of water. Peter's time as absolute ruler was a very successful reign.
        The absolute rulers were able to control all the aspects of society because they made sure they won the loyalty of the lower class, and reduced the power of the wealthy nobles. The absolute rulers were quiet successful in taking over land as well. Although some rulers did leave their nation a mess when they died for the most part they had a positive effect on their empire, and helped them move up in the world.
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