Abusive Dads

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        This article entitled Do Homes With Absent Or Abusive fathers Breed Violence? (http://www.io.com/~eoc/html/internallinks_statistics.html) is about families with absent and abusive fathers. It shows interesting and shocking statistics on these kinds of families. The statistics seem to show that violence is bred in homes with absent and abusive fathers. For example, 63% of youth suicides are from homes with absent or abusive fathers (Source: U.S. D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census) and 90% of all homeless and runaway children are also from abusive fathers. These are some of the shocking statistics
        These statistics are shocking because I could have been part of these statistics. I come from one of these homes with an absent or abusive father. I've experienced both an absence and abuse. I was first abused and then I was left behind. But it was for the better. The abuse would have continued. That would have been worse for me.
        For me, my abusive father did not breed violence into the family but created some bad. When my dad left I started to steal. He was financially important to us. He was an architect making at least $70,000 a year. I basically was able to get many things I wanted. When he left and lost his job, I started stealing the things I wanted. That was a mistake. I never got caught but I got someone into stealing also and I got him caught. I felt so horrible. I watched my friend get arrested when it should have been me. This was a bad way to cope with my problem. But, there are worse ways to cope with this problem and the statistics in this article shows it. For example, running away. The article says that 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from homes with absent or abusive fathers
        I didn't inherit any violence from my dad's abuse but I've noticed that I inherited his temper. Sometimes it feels like I can get violent. Little problems will set my temper off at home and I will take it out on my brother by screaming and yelling and almost hitting him. One time I actually did. I got so scared because it was like I was turning into my dad. My brother also got that impression. He even said that I sounded like him. After the incident I thought everything out in my head and apologized. But that incident really scared me. That is my worst nightmare, turning into my dad.
        I'm very glad that I have wonderful people in my life that loves me. Without them I probably would be a part of the statistics. Many of my friends also have absent and abusive fathers. My girlfriend was actually sexually abused. She also stole. She also became sexually active. But she learned her lesson and started coping with this problem in a different way. She decided to try really hard in school. She got straight A's. She even became sixth in her class for the highest GPA. She decided to turn her life around and make negative into a positive. I think that's what people need to do. People need to find a positive way to cope with bad things like this.
        This article scares me. The statistics in this article are hard to believe. But they are true. I here these things in the news and most of the violence out there is caused by these kids. The men out there have to watch out for what they are doing. It's us men that are causing all of this. Well, most of it. Women can also do this damage. But it is mostly men causing all of this. I just hope that I don't become like my father.

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