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PayPal Sucks

I tried to pay the $5 but that worthless piece of shit PayPal thinks I already have an account, which for some reason means I can't use it. I don't have an essay handy right now I am not about to write two of them in one night (god forbid). So if you really want your essay please e-mail me and I will send you the one I am currently working on.
Oh, so you have an automatic essay checker do ya? This is some real great service you have on this site! Let me get this straight, in order to get the information I need to write an essay I cannot pay the $5 and I cannot submit a real essay since I need to register to write one. Hm, is there a hole in this bucket or what?! Guess now I'm just going to have to ramble and bullshit until it's long enough or whatever to elude your system. Hey, I think I'll give it another go!
Damnit! Still didn't work. Guess I'll trying taking all those goofy characters out. Grrrr! Maybe it's still not long enough. Maybe I should talk about all the hipocracy I can already see in this site after having been here no long than about ten minutes. You make a big deal about Plagiarism then you flat out ask the users if they would pay to have essays removed so they don't get accused. Don't get me wrong or nothin, I HATE Plagiarism, it's a sign of weakness and having no creativity, which is why I've decided to seek elsewhere the information I require...unless it works now.
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