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Ace Publishing, which is based out of New York, recently purchased the publisher of six trade magazines, King Communications. Ace Publishing is well established in the United States and also has established an international presence in several other countries. Ace would like to begin an exchange program that allows U.S. employees to travel aboard, as well as offer individuals from various other countries the opportunity to work in the United States.

        There are several problems that might occur with the exchange program that Ace is trying to implement. First, cultural differences and adapting to those differences play a large role. It is very difficult to understand a culture without living it first hand. Ace needs to think more clearly about cross-cultural issues and learn to value the benefits of diversity before assembling international teams. Second, some employees might resist change. People tend to become very comfortable with their lives and the positions they hold. If you are dealing with people like this, there will be more reluctance to change. It is quite possible that your initial reaction to life abroad will be euphoria, sparked by a sense of freshness and adventure. It is also quite possible that the euphoria will give way to a less pleasant emotion, as you try to make your way through an unfamiliar culture. You may realize that your old habits do not fit your new circumstances and that you are unable to follow your usual routines. This could cause a big problem when trying to place an individual in a different culture. (PATSY"”MAYBE YOU COULD SPEAK ABOUT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES OR WHATEVER THRID PROBLEM YOU WANT)

        We recommend identifying a clear framework for analyzing and understanding cultural differences. Also, assisting in the transformation to another country could prove to be useful. Ace could possibly send the individual and his family abroad in order to determine if they have what it takes to survive. Lastly, design a general policy that applies to both indigenous and foreign people. By doing this Ace is eliminating any possibility of procedural problems abroad. (PATSY"”THIRD RECOMMENDATION IS BASED ON THE POLICIES AND PROCEDURE PROBLEM, SO IF YOU COME UP WITH A NEW PROBLEM, PLEASE CHANGE THIS).

        We believe the best solution would be to build awareness of your own culture and the cultural differences that could arise. By developing this knowledge Ace will have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different cultures. Some tools that might be useful in determining cultural differences is best set forth in Hofstede's work:
·        Individualism/collectivism: These reflect the extent to which individuals value self-determination as opposed to their behavior being determined by the collective force of a group.
·        Power-distance: In low power-distance cultures, employees search for contribution and have a desire for a participative management style. At the other end of this scale, employees tend to work and behave in a particular way because they accept that they will be directed to do so by the hierarchy or the organization.
·        Uncertainty avoidance: This is concerned with employees' tolerance of ambiguity or uncertainty in their working environment.
·        Masculinity/femininity: In highly "masculine cultures" dominant values relate to assertiveness and material acquisition. In highly "feminine cultures" values focus on relationship among people, concern for others and quality of life.

By building and learning the cultural differences as set forth above and by being able to identify the impact of different cultural settings Ace will achieve effective results.
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