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The campaign for the Togo Colossus is to be launched on the 12th of October, 2002. This follows the official launch of the Togo Colossus at the Sydney Motor Show, held on the 11th of October, 2002. The campaign is to be fairly extensive within the first three months, with medium continuity for the following four months, and 1 week activity every month for the next 12 months.

We will be launching our campaign for the Togo Colossus mainly within NSW, VIC and QLD. Within NSW, we will only be campaigning within and around the Sydney metropolitan area, as well as Canberra (ACT). Within Victoria, we will be mainly advertising within and around the parameters of Melbourne. Brisbane will be the only city in Queensland that we will promote the Togo Colossus in. We will launch the Colossus Australia wide after a 3 month period where we are able to further asses the success of the campaign in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Our overall target market is families, whether they are young or established, within the age group of 25-55 years. They are blue and white collar individuals who are establishing or have established a home. The XtraPricey Colossus is more targeted at the established families; they own their own home and are after the finest things in life. Cost to them is not as important as "˜wearing the rights shoes and driving the right car' and will pay top dollar for a car that will put them higher on the social scales.
The Pricey and Gift Colossus are both target at the upper middle and the middle class respectively, these individuals will pay extra for attributes of which they see increased perceived value.
The evenings, and Sunday nights are the best times to advertise on television in order to reach this market segment due to working hours and lifestyle.
We will be launching one 60 second commercial, with two different 30second commercials. We will also be advertising in print media, namely daily newspapers such as the "˜Sydney Morning Herald', "˜Sun Herald' or the "˜Daily Telegraph'. Specialty magazines are of special interest and we hope to have extensive advertising in such magazines as "˜Motor', "˜Wheels', and "˜New Car Buyer'. The "˜Drive' section of the "˜Sydney Morning Herald' is a medium that we will be advertising in on a weekly basis, it is a medium that is often read by our target audience, for all three models of the Colossus, and in conjunction with PR, when we feature within the magazine pullout, the advertisement will reinforce our concept of efficiency.
Sponsorship by golf tournaments are also important considerations that we are undertaking. The target audience for the Pricey and XtraPricey are golf lovers and this would tie in well in terms of association with their lifestyle.
Sponsorship by swimming tournaments is also an option, due to its close relationship with our key concept of efficiency, for the Colossus and the swimmers in terms of fuel consumption.
We will have one two page spread in the 3 most popular specialist magazine every month, for the first 4 consecutive months, thereafter, only one magazine at a time will feature a spread on the Colossus monthly for the following 4 months.
We will be buying poster space on billboards around the city. There will be, at any given time, 4 billboards with the Togo Colossus advertisements, for the first 4 consecutive months, thereafter only two billboards for the following 3 months. This proves to be an effective medium and location due to the amount of traffic flow on any given day, and due to slow traffic, the audience is able to view and pay attention to the billboards when in need of a distraction of the disturbing morning traffic, dreaming of being in the comfort and driving style of the efficient Colossus.
For all three mediums, we will only launch the advertising in Melbourne and Sydney for the first three months, as that is where we will expect the highest volume of our sales will be generated from. We will launch nationally at the start of the fourth month since the launch of the campaign.
Of the 75% allocated for advertising, only 10% is taken away for production. The remaining 65% is available funds for the media planning and buying tasks.
It should be notes that for our campaign to be successful, we must not only find the means of reaching our target audience at the right place and at the right time, but we must also imprint in their minds the concept of the efficient Togo Colossus, setting it in a new category due to its technologically advanced engineering. This is done to create the optimum environment for sales within each consumers mind.
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