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1.0        Situation Analysis
Dell the world's leading direct computer systems company, with approx. 34,400 employees in 34 countries around the globe. One bold concept-direct customer contact-has made Dell one of the most successful companies of the 1990s. Dell designs, build and customize products and services to satisfy a range of customer requirements. From the server, storage and Premier Services needs of the largest global corporations, to those of consumers at home. They do business directly with customers, one at a time, and believes that no one else does it better than Dell. The people of Dell work hard to meet the needs of each customer with carefully tailored solutions based on industry-standard technology. Dell deals directly with their customers, in person, via the Internet or by phone. So Dell's understanding of their needs is instantaneous. It enables them to effectively and efficiently deliver world-class products and services that keep their customers coming back.
        Dell understands the computing needs of businesses and institutions. Dell runs one of the world's leading Internet sites at, which generates about half of their sales and makes them the ideal company to show their customers how to take advantage of online tools. From advanced server and storage products to exceptional service after the sale, Dell knows what customers want and need because customers always inform them directly, and they always meet those requirements at super speed. Dell's global strategy is to be the premier provider of products and services, including those that customers require to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures. With manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South America, they are close to their customers wherever they are. And they use their outstanding products, services and direct relationships to meet the unique needs of those customers, one at a time.
Currently in Malaysia, the online services, which Dell provides, does seem to be attractive. Online system may be attractive in United States, but its not very attractive in Malaysia. So Dell is coming up with a new advertising campaign targeting to the home and education users in Malaysia. The reason is because, the sales are dropping tremendously, and this is due to the lack of awareness among the target customer. So by using the advertising campaign that is recommended, it might help Dell to overcome the crisis.

2.0        Objectives
In order to launch the advertising plan effectively, both the marketing objectives as well as the communications objectives are important to be considered.

2.1        Marketing Objective
These are the marketing objectives that Dell should achieve after launching the advertising campaign.

(i)        To increase unit sales of notebooks and personal computers by 25 percent during next 12 months.
(ii)        To generate 10 percent profit over the next 12 months.
(iii)        To increase the market share by 5 percent over the next 12 months which is higher than year 2001.

2.2        Communication Objective
These are the communication objectives that Dell should achieved after launching the advertising campaign.

(i)        To increase the quality and service of Dell Computer.
(ii)        To maintain Dell as the preferred brand of computer among 50 percent home and education user in Malaysia next 12 months.
(iii)        To build the awareness of Dell Computer among the 70 percent of the target audience in next 12 months based on year 2001.
(iv)        To enhance the brand and corporation image in the consumer's mind-set over next 12 months.
3.0        Target Market
In the advertising plan, the target market would be divided into smaller segments, the segment included are geographic, demographic and psychographic. Geographic includes of the country, the town, and the place or the city. This advertising plan is for Malaysia, and it covers all the Urban and Suburban in Malaysia. In Malaysia large populations can be found in the urban areas. This is where most universities and the colleges, and schools are located. In the same time the Malaysian government is encouraging everyone to learn to use the computers. At least one person from family is encouraged to have some computer language. So the target market can be extended to suburban areas in Malaysia.
        Under the demographic, both the females and the males will the target market. Computer is an industrial product where any sex can use it. Anyone who is above 12 years can be considered potential target market. Besides that all students and working people as well as housewife fall into the category of home and education users. Students can use computers to do their assignments, while working people can use computers to do their work at home, meanwhile the housewife can learn to use computers or surf Internet, as they are many programs for them.
        Under the psychographic, all those people who want to up keep their knowledge can be the target market. Due to the advance in technology and high competition in the market, and high standard of living, parents are encouraging their children to learn to use computers in the age of 10 it self, so this would be an extra point for Dell. Not only children, nowadays parents and housewife and working people always want to up keep their knowledge.

Country        Malaysia which includes of urban and suburban areas
Age        Seniors, Baby-Boomers, young married couples with children, and blue-collar workers of all ages as well as white-collar workers of all ages.
Family Unit        Young families with new babies or mature families with children under the driving age. Most of the family units will have two wage earners.
Gender        Equally target both sexes.
Income        High side of middle-income individuals and to all in the high-income.
Occupation        Blue-collar worker, young professionals with a family, and white-collar workers.
Education        High school graduates, or some college students and as well as school students
Table 1: The target markets according to segments.

4.0        Strategy
It is recommended to Dell use three types of strategy to achieve its marketing and communications objectives as stated earlier. Those three strategies that are suggested to implement are position strategy, message strategy, and media strategy.

4.1        Position strategy
Dell position its product as high quality, customized computer which using affordable pricing strategy, in order to accomplish this position strategy, it is suggested to Dell to emphasize its "quality and service" which is 14-day money-back guarantee and no questions asked in returns. These will creates a trust on Dell's quality and service, once the customers have trust and believes the quality and the services provided by the Dell they will go around talking about Dell to others. Dell will be the first on to choose among other competitors.

4.2         Message Strategy
The new theme, which used by Dell, is "smart and easy life with Dell". This message conveys the customer that it is easy to handle things with Dell, from purchase till after customer services is provided in a well mannered that customers can truly rely on Dell without any the second thought. It guarantees customers that they would experience the highest satisfaction.

4.3        Media Strategy
In order to achieve the objectives which was stated earlier, various types of advertising media is used will be used to communicate the selling theme to the target audience such as television, newspapers, Internet banner, billboard and magazine. All of this media may increase the organization sales, profit and awareness of the product as it can deliver the message very wide to all target audience as well as leave a deep impact on the target audience's mind.

5.0        Tactics
There are many types of media and direct marketing that can be used for advertising campaign, each and every media has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is very important to choose the best media to reach the target audience. In this case Dell can choose television, newspapers, Internet, billboard, and Magazine for the campaign.

5.1        Television
Television is the best mode to advertise although it is expensive than the other modes such as newspapers, and magazines. This is because it contains the combination of sound, visual images, motion and colour. Television offers national coverage where it can covers large amount of audiences. Televisions can easily grasp consumers' attention and create awareness on them. Through television, Dell will be able to achieve its objectives by creating awareness on the consumers.
The advertisement will advertise in 2 most popular television channels, the two common television channels are TV3 and NTV7 although there are other channels such as TV1 and TV2 but Dell feels that more audience can be covered in TV3 and NTV7. The advertisement would only advertise in the selected month, which is on January, February, May, August, and December. The reasons is, in these are the months where the school and the universities opens. Many college students would be seeking information to purchase a computer during these periods. However, this advertisement will advertise on daily on both the TV channels during the prime time, which is between and This is considered the best timing because, most students and working people would back from colleges or work, and this is the time where they will be resting in front of the TV. However the length of advertisement would be 15 seconds.
        The first screen of the advertisement will show a man with a bulk of paper work in his office, and the second screen it will show a group of college students with bulk of assignments, the third screen will show a house wife who is bored and eager to increase the knowledge, and the fourth screen will show a small little school girl who is feeling jealous when she is looks at her classmate who is playing computer games. The fifth screen will be showing Dell computer wit its theme "smart and easy life with Dell". The last screen will show all the happy and satisfaction faces of the working man, the college student, the housewife and as well as the little school girl with the Dell computer beside them. And at the bottom of the last screen the Dell web address and the toll free number will appear saying, "call now".

5.2        Newspaper
Dell will chose two most basic and popular newspaper in in Malaysia, which would be The Star (English newspaper) and Sin Chew (Chinese newspaper). The Star contains 1,021,000 readerships in Malaysia market, which is around 602,000 (58.9%) are male readers and 420,000 (41.1%) female readers. Meanwhile, Sin Chew contains around 884,000 readerships in Malaysia. Around 1,099 (52%) are male readers and 1,019 (48%) are female readers. Due to this, these two newspapers are selected in this advertising campaign. Newspaper advertisement would only be done in selected months which is on
January, February, March, July, August, September, November and December. The advertisement would be done only on Saturdays and Sundays, where it would be in full page in black/white.
This is because on Saturdays and Sundays are people will be resting in their house, this is the only time they have time to go through each and every pages on the newspapers. And furthermore there are lots of special editions on weekends about lifestyle and so on, which will attract many people, read newspapers. While going through the newspapers, definitely they will come across Dell advertisement because it covers the full page. So this will create awareness on the consumers. On the same page full information will be provided on Dell computer with the contact numbers.

5.3        Internet Banner
The Internet banners are the best media for online advertisements. The internet banners will be advertised on the best Malaysia websites such as MOL, MSN, Catcha, Cari, TM Net, and also other websites such as yahoo and so on. These banners will put for the whole year, 24 hours, within the advertising campaign. Besides that, these banner will put at the top of the search machine or the websites, so that the target audience will be aware of such a banner while searching or surfing for the information. This banner will be blinking shifting from one screen to another till the user goes to another page or the next page. The banner only goes off when the user clicks to close it.

5.4        Billboard
Billboards are usually put along highway and main roads to capture the audiences who long on the road or drive along the streets and highways. The billboard advertisement will be for the whole year during the advertising campaign. The billboard will used poster panels form which are silk screened and pasted in sheets to the billboard. 30 sheets poster, which is 12'3" high by 24'6" wide, with a 9'7" by 21'7" viewing area will be used for the billboard, this helps or allows the driver to see the billboard. The billboard will be set up on the North-South Highway, Penang Bridge and High Traffic Area in the city, to help the target audience to achieve brand recognition and product identification, which will further enhance brand equity.

5.5        Magazine
Magazines are one of the best way to advertise too as it contains of far superior colors which will attract lots of people. And furthermore magazines help to reach the specific target such as computer lovers. Computer related magazines are choose to advertise such as The Chip and PC Home. These magazines contain high readerships that like computer related information or issues. The advertisement on the magazines is done on January, February, April, May, July, August, and December. The advertisement will show in full page with colour, with pictures and full information on Dell computers as well as the contact number to allow customers contact immediately.

6.0        Men
Dell is going to employ full service advertising agency for television and banner advertising. Dell will chose one of the best advertising agency to advertise its product. However the in house advertising operation will be carried out as well as for the magazines and newspapers, and bus shelters advertising. Around seven staff will be responsible for carrying out these activities. Only qualified and well-experienced staffs are going to be employed for in house advertising department. These staff will be given full be training and full guidance. The in house advertising and the advertising agency will be working together so that the advertising agency would be kept inform of the company's current situation, the company's objectives in order to ensure that they are driving towards the same goal. By this way this will reduce the risk incurred in launching the advertising campaign and instead develop highly effective and profitable and profitable advertising campaign.

7.0        Minutes
The table below shows the schedules for each media that will be advertise through out the year of 2002. Aggressive advertisement will be launched for the first two months to create awareness by every media. January and February is the peak month where there will be lots of students enrolling for their universities. And May and August is where new semesters will start for some colleges and universities as well as end of the year. Newspapers, Internet banners, billboard and magazines are mainly for home users. Due to low cost, there will be will an advertisement on Internet and Billboard every month.
        Jan        Feb        Mar        Apr        May        June        July        Aug        Sept        Oct        Nov        Dec
Television        X        X                        X                        X                                X
Newspaper        X        X        X                X                X        X        X                X        X
Internet        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X
Billboard        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X        X
Magazine        X        X                X        X                X        X                                X

Table 2: Time schedule across different media of advertising plan for the year 2002.

8.0        Money
The table below shows the budget allocation across the different media of the advertising plan. The overall budget allocated for this advertising plan would be around RM 4000, 000. As seen clearly, the table shows that the mass budget is allocated to TV and then followed by the Newspapers. TV is one of the best media to advertise because it is exposed to larger amount of target market, which stands from all categories. And furthermore it can easily grasp the attention of the audience because it combines visual images, motion, colour and sound and the picture shown. However newspapers also plays and important role, because its cheap and covers wide areas.

Communication Tools        Amount per year (RM)        Total per year (RM)
TV3        988,000        
NTV7        308,000        1296,000
The Star        738,816        
Sin Chew        1,017,600        1,756,416
Internet Banner        235,200
Billboard        222,000
The Chip        38,500        
PC Home        42,000        80,500
Total Amount For The Advertising Campaign        3590,116

Table 3: The calculation above is the amount of the advertising campaign for the whole year.

9.0        Measurement
Since Dell is spending lots of money on this advertising campaign, so it is very important to know if the advertising was effective or not. The effectiveness of advertising campaign needs to be assessed in order to avoid costly mistakes. (Belch and Belch, 1998). In this case, pre-test can be used before the campaign is implemented and post-test is done after implementing the advertising campaign. There are many ways or methods to do these measurements, such as questionnaires, interview, observations and many more other methods. Questionnaires and interview are basic and very common methods used by everyone as its cheap and easy.

10.        Reference

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