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Advertising Today

        Beer, cigarettes, perfume, hair products and cars are just a few of the many items advertised in magazines across the globe. Some are sold by tempting the reader with scantily clad men and women posing in exotic locations, looking deep into your eyes and begging you to buy their product. Others are sold by cute animals that appear so nice and friendly that you just have to buy the products. These "tricks of the trade" are what make the rich businessmen even richer year after year. If you study the advertisements closely you will discover that companies sell the same product to different consumers using distinctly varied ads. Since not same people read the same type of literature, the product ads are designed to meet the varied interest of the consumer.
        Figure 1 is an ad from Sports Illustrated that advertises Jim Beam Bourbon. This particular ad pictures four men standing in tuxedos in what appears to be a church. All the men are smiling, and next to the picture it says, "You asked them, her father and her. In that order." At the bottom of the page it says, "Real friends. Real bourbon." The ad also has a big Jim Beam Bourbon bottle at the lower right-hand corner of the page. The targeted audience for this ad would be middle-aged married men. The ad suggests that this brand bourbon should be drunk only with close friends. It also insinuates that this liquor can bring friends together. The language in this ad plays a big role in selling the product. The words suggest that this bourbon is good enough for only "real" friends. It implies that friends are more important than a wife is in fact, the woman is the last mentioned on the list. They go so far as to suggest this product even symbolizes
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friendship. The first thing indicated that should come to mind when thinking of liquor is a bunch of friends gathered together talking about the "good times." The ad was probably placed in a men's magazine because women might get offended by the fact that friends come to mind before the girl does. This ad is very effective in reaching its targeted audience.
        Figure 2 is an ad from a Food and Wine magazine for Carta Nevada Sparkling Wine. This ad was placed in this magazine for food lovers who presumably are mostly female. This advertisement has a woman lounging in a chair on the deck of a beach house gazing into the clear baby blue sky as she sips a full glass of Carta Nevada. In the lower right-hand corner is a small caption that reads, "Lazy days on the veranda. Picnics among dunes of white sand. Afternoon get-togethers warmed by a lingering sunset. These are the times for Carta Nevada. A cool, refreshing breeze of sparkling wine." This ad attempts to give women the idea of comfort and release from the hustle and bustle of housework and kids. It allows the woman to imagine that she will enjoy herself more if she were drinking this sparkling wine. From a man's perspective, this ad should also be effective. Most men, as well as women, enjoy getting away and being alone with their loved ones. The caption helps this ad by allowing the reader to get a more in-depth mental picture about the "Lazy days" and relaxing on the beach with close friends.
        These are just two examples of how good advertisements target specific audiences. If you ever really analyze an ad you can see what the intended audience is for that particular ad. You can also see how it makes you feel. Do you want to buy

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the product or has the ad repulsed you? It is apparent that advertisers will go to great lengths to get the consumers to purchase their product.
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