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I.        Attention Getter-
A.        " Military assistance and advice are provided by the army staff, headed by the chief of staff, who serves as the army member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."
II.        The Link
A.        My word that I will be talking to you about is ADVICE
B.        It is the most commonly used word in the world.
III.        Thesis Statement
A.        Covering 4 main points
B.        With you today
IV. The Preview Statement
A.        Today I will be telling you my def of the word advice
B.        The dictionary definition
C.        A story
D.        Some quotes
E.        And help you give better advice to your friends and family.J
I.        My definition is:
A.        When you help someone out by talking to them
B.        Or helping yourself by listening
II.        THE Dictionary Definition
A.        The way in which one regards
B.        Something carefully thought
C.        Recommendation action regarding a decision
D.        Course of conduct
E.        Information or notice given
III. A Story
A." here is the best FREE advice you'll ever receive to improve your communications."
C.        Target your audience, decide who it is you want to reach. Be as specific as possible.
D.        Choose the right medium communication travels between people. Pick the best possible vehicle.
E.        Simplify your message be as direct as possible. Say only what's absolutely necessary. Address audience interests speak or write from the point- of view of the people you want to reach. Provide means of response. Communication is a two-way street.
IV.        A quote I found on the Internet
A. the subject matter of wisdom sayings ranges from pratical advice for living a good and successful

You can get advice on legal problems, marriage status, and financial aid anything that you possibly can think of you can get advice for I can ask any of you to give me advice. But I also have to believe you and be able to trust you too but most people don't care but this is something that everyone in the United States uses or can use.
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