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A Long Tradition of Newsgathering :
Created in 1835, Agence France-Presse is one of the three global news agencies.
It is the world's oldest established news agency, founded by Charles-Louis Havas, the father of global journalism. Today, the agency continues to expand its operations worldwide, reaching thousands of subscribers (radios, TVs, newspapers, companies) from its main headquarters in Paris and regional centers in Washington, Hong Kong, Nicosia and Montevideo. All share the same goal: to guarantee a top quality international service tailored for the specific needs of clients in each region. The AFP News services cover politics, economics, international news, social and sports news from around the world. The network provides around the clock coverage. Newspapers, magazines, news agencies, TV and radio stations worldwide rely on AFP for its accurate, speedy quality reporting of world news. AFP subscribers also include many businesses, banks and government bodies. It has also, for many years, maintained close links with the national news agencies of all countries.
Four regional headquarters, each responsible for the bureaus in their region, co-ordinate the work of journalists and photographers under their direction and transmit news and photographs to clients in their zone.
§        Hundreds of news items per day; reporting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
§        General News comes from the world over. A significant proportion of news is from Europe where correspondents cover all European territories.
§        AFP's presence throughout the Middle East and Africa provides thorough news coverage of these regions.
§        Sports News covers all major national and international events.

A worldwide multilingual and multimedia news agency:
The agency also offers multimedia products online: text, pictures, graphics, dynamic graphics and video. AFP provides content formatted ready-for-use. The AFP brand guarantees clients editorial quality and reliability - a reputation built since the agency was founded.
AFP is fully independent from outside influences, be they political, corporate, ideological or religious. It guarantees total objectivity and an ability to provide specialty or customized products. AFP's text services cover the full range of international news: politics, diplomacy, finance, sports, entertainment, health, science and technology, crime and justice"¦

Nelson Mandela, june 24, 1996,
wearing an AFP cap.
Coverage is formatted to correspond with the importance of an event, from flashes, bulletins and urgents to fully developed articles, analysis pieces, reactions and color stories. Every news item sent by a reporter is checked by one of the agency's news desks before being selected for transmission to the relevant clients.
AFP content can be provided to clients in various forms:
·        News wires carrying general or economic news, destined for media clients and major institutions.
·        A la carte, News items selected according to client criteria and delivered in real-time via e-mail.
·        "AFP Direct", delivered via an Internet server which gives clients access to AFP's news database, updated continuously in real-time. AFP-Direct was designed for the needs of corporate clients, government bodies and media correspondents, providing access to all AFP's news wires in all languages.
·        AFP News Online provides ready-to-use Internet pages containing text, pictures and graphics, available in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese, in the format desired by the client. Updated constantly and with a choice of topics, from general news to business and finance, sports, science, health, technology and people.
·        AFP Internet Mobiles, Specially designed news items for hand-held devises in WAP format. The top international and economic news delivered in brief dispatches organized by topics. Hypertext links facilitate use. Clients can connect when they want to obtain the latest news.
·        Image Forum, AFP's picture database, provides 24-hour-a-day access to AFP's digital photo database, which grows at the rate of 500 pictures per day. In addition to AFP photos, the database includes archives from other photo agencies (Roger Viollet, PPCM, Pictor, Rex, Velocity, Suproleague basketball), providing a full service covering historical topics, show business, features, sports. A service for all clients, from newspapers and magazines to television, publishing, Web sites or other online publications.
·        Graphics and Dynamic Graphics, The AFP graphics services work closely with the agency's editorial staff, providing up-to-date graphics on the full-range of news topics (politics, economics, sports, sciences) in English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic.
AFP Photo supplies images of news worldwide, in real time. Its 200 staff photographers are backed up by AFP bureaus in 165 countries as well as by a network of stringers, and AFP's partnership with the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA).
The photo service puts out some 70,000 colour pictures yearly, distributed worldwide by satellite.
Photo archives:
AFP has one of the largest picture libraries in the world -- seven million images accumulated since 1930 which may be consulted electronically. Each AFP client receives a photo service specifically designed for his or her region, basically a package of 60 to 80 photos daily. The three regional photo centers are Paris, Washington and Hong Kong. Editors there direct the photographers and dialogue with clients. The general photo wire comprises around 250 pictures daily. They are transmitted over both satellite and landlines.
ImageForum, a service provided by AFP offers instant Internet or ISDN access to AFP's award-winning international photo service. ImageForum is an easy-to-use system which allows subscribers to browse through AFP's latest photos from around the world as well as its photo archives dating backing to 1930. The photos can be accessed either by subject, date, country or subject.
Gabriel BOUYS, First Prize for a picture of Maurice Greene at the Sydney Olympics PHOTO AFP.

Technology sales at AFP:
AFP's Technology Sales Department supplies a wide range of products.
A comprehensive range of software and systems
Transport and transmission of all types of data (text, photos and graphics)
Satellite Network for real time transmission
Virtual Private Information Network for your own international corporate network

Editorial systems for text and multimedia production
An Intranet server for newswire reception
A complete editorial information processing system

Photo systems
A user-friendly software program for editing and sending pictures
A powerful photo management system for daily production and archiving
Web access to images and information
A state of the art interactive multimedia decoder

Technical and editorial assistance to cover major international events thanks to AFP's worldwide network.

Supported by high quality services to suit every need
·        Custom built technical solutions
·        Supervision of turnkey projects
·        Upgrade possibilities
·        Helpdesk and hotline for daily assistance
·        Maintenance contracts
·        On site technical and editorial training programs
·        Technical teams available worldwide

AFP worldwide:
AFP is present in 165 capitals around the globe.         

Five Regional headquarters:
·        Europe-Africa
·        Asia-Pacific
·        North America
·        Latin America
·        Middle East
7 regional centers in France:
·        Bordeaux,
·        Lille,
·        Lyon,
·        Marseille,
·        Rennes,
·        Toulouse
A presence in 165 countries:

·        36 bureaus
·        295 staff
·        16 bureaus
·        78 staff
·        25 bureaus
·        201 staff
North America:
·        9 bureaus
·        121 staff
Latin America:
·        15 bureaus
·        164 staff
Middle East:
·        9 bureaus
·        130 staff
AFP's presence in the Asia-Pacific region extends across 28 countries plus the islands of the Pacific.
AFP in Asia is:
Fifteen main bureaus, in Bangkok - Hanoi - Hong Kong - Islamabad - Jakarta - Kuala Lumpur - Manila - New Delhi - Nouméa - Beijing - Seoul - Singapore - Sydney - Tokyo - Taipei
Eleven secondary bureaus, in Phnom Penh - Yangon - Colombo - Dacca - Kathmandu Bombay - Bangalore - Kabul - Karachi - Shanghai - Wellington
A regional head office is located in Hong Kong.
AFP has more than 2,000 employees worldwide - 900 outside France - from more than 80 different nationalities.
AFP journalist, Olivier Baube, taken hostage on Jolo Island, May 16, 2000.
·        1,250 journalists (including 150 staff photographers)
·        300 technicians (including 100 senior engineers)
·        100 administrative executives
·        350 other support staff
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