Alice In WonderworldLord Of The Flies Draft 1

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Lord of The Flies (Draft 1)

        Lord of the flies is about the dark side of human nature.

        At the beginning of the book, the boys started turning savage as soon as their plane crash-landed on the island. For example the boys started painting their faces and losing hygiene. This shows that they really didn't care anymore about being proper British men anymore. In addition they acquired a thirst for blood, and really enjoyed hunting, not just for food, but for massive sport. This shows that they were losing sight of civilization fast, and weren't looking back. This shows that they were revolting from humanism and turning darker and more animalistic. The really didn't have the means to stay civilized.

        As time continued on the island They killed more and more pigs. For example they took a pigs head and stuck it on top of a spear to scare away the "beast". This shows that they were afraid of the beast, and it made them afraid. In addition they ended up using this fear and violence towards the best and killing two of their own, out of pure rage. This shows that they murdered two innocents and lost the sense to protect and honor life. This shows that they were losing common sense fast among other

things such as morals, and maybe even sanity. They killed just because they could and as long as they remained acting like animals it would not affect them.

Without civilization we revolt back into dark animals without a sense of deep emotion.
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