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The person I chose for my American Hero is Gwen Stefani. She is the lead singer for No Doubt. I chose her for many reasons. She has inspired me to try things more than once. She has gone through her hard times and her good times, yet she never gives up. She lived a busy life and still went to school and did well. Gwen was also a good basketball player but never had time to try out for the team.
Gwen was born and raised in Southern California. As she was growing up she was always around music because her brother Eric Stefani. Her brother and his friend John Spence put a band together and called it No Doubt in 1987. Then Gwen became a back up singer for her brother's band. During that same year John committed suicide to himself. Gwen was very upset during all of this commotion but she still went into the spot light on her own and became the lead singer. They tried to get gigs wherever they could, posting up flyers, and telling people to spread the word. Then had a couple openings in the band so they had people try out. They then found the guitarist Tom Dumont, drummer Adrian Young, and the bassist Tony Kanal. With Gwen being busy with the band she still managed to have average grade throughout high school and go to collage. In 1992, after signing a record label with Interscope Records. The record label didn't like the numbers that came in from that first album; they didn't agree to stay with No Doubt to do a second one. Refusing to give in, even though her brother Eric left, Gwen and the other band members put up money of their own in 1995 to record an album called The Beacon Street Collection. Gwen kept up the hard work and soon she and the band had Interscope' s full attention again, and were working on another album, Tragic Kingdom. The Grammy nominated album hit number one on the Billboard charts, and three of its songs charted as well, including Spider webs, Just a Girl, and Don't Speak. They are now a huge in the music and have three new CD's out. The other three CD's are called No Doubt, Return of Saturn, and Rock Steady. And every single one of her CD's have been very successful some more than the other but they are all great to me. Gwen has very unique voice and attracts fans of many different kinds.
She has been my hero and my role model for a very long time and nothing will change that. I hope to be just like her when am older. She has helped many people. And has done concerts for children that have cancer and donated some money for the Red Cross. If I ever met her I would thank her for being such an inspiration to me and a bunch of other people around the world.

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