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The last few days of school we watched a movie called "When Harry Met Sally". In this movie two people were introduced by each others friends. Harry had to go to New York and so did Sally. Therefore, they decided to ride along with each other. There friendship got off to a shaky start and was Rollin all over the place. They were very thankful that they didn't have to ever see each other after New York. Then, 5 years later, they met again. They once again were uneasy about each other, but this time they decided that maybe they could be friend and work things out. As time went on they hung out more and more. Harry was meeting people and so was Sally. It was real obvious that they had a crush on each other but they were both afraid to show it. And then as they kept moving on in life they realized that they loved each other and one night after a big break up that Sally had Harry went over to be with her and as things happened they did the hibbity dibbity. This was really bad for the relationship, it made them hate each other for a while. But, just like in true love, they couldn't resist in being without each other. In the end of the movie thy got back together and ended up living a wonderful life. That just goes to show you how the worst of relationships can all be worked around, and will work in the end!

The history of dating. Ha Ha, what a great topic. Dating has been around for about 4o or so years, and before that what they called it was Courting. Courting was basically being with someone you were going to marry. Dating is the same but yet it is very different. Dating is more of a trial and error type of thing. If things don't seem to work out, you can always date other people. Now days, a date is like going to a movie, or taking someone to dinner, or just having someone over to watch movies and such. Courting wasn't a lot different than being married. They would go out occasionally but they didn't do as much as we do these days. If you were courting someone you were not allowed to court another person. That is a big difference then now a days. People can be dating many people just to see out their options and to make sure that they pick the right person. Dating and courting are too similar things, but courting seems to be a little more serious than dating to me.
Elderly dating these days is no different than young people dating. Elderly people seem to date just as much as the younger people. They might have different types of dating, but yet, they still do the hibbity dibbity to. Ewe. But it happens so what can you do about it. Older people have always been dating and it always will happen. Most elderly people date for companionship. When you're old you seem to get very lonely. I asked my grandma about that one!

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