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I considered this to be one of the most prolific movies about the white supremacy movement ever brought to the screen. It is emotion and thought provoking. It cleverly deals with issues of Hegemonic Masculinity and white male dominance. American History X is a perfect example of how women in this movement are sexualized and dominated. It aids us in our understanding of the social construction of reality, and how through the use of propaganda, millions of white children in this country are seduced everyday into a culture of hate and violence.

When I talk about white dominance and Hegemonic Masculinity, I am referring to white supremacy groups who feel their dominance is threatened. This is not only their dominance as white people "the dominant culture", but also, their dominance as males. Hegemonic Masculinity refers to the set of male characteristics that are idealized and dominant in society. There are specific behaviors in society that are considered to be associated with "maleness" and "femaleness." It is through the use of this ideology that these movements are able to suppress women, gays, and minorities. They fight to remain in control of the economic power because it is through economic power that they are able to keep these groups in subordinate and in inferior roles. They respond in a number of ways. Their ideology is cleverly disguised as "white pride." The reports and commands of the literature are clear. White males are being discriminated against, and persecuted through the systematic and calculated efforts of people of color (i.e., anyone not of pure European origin), feminists, and homosexuals. It is up to them to maintain the purity of the white race.

What is important to understand about this movement is they aren't the only ones spouting this ideology. We have seen the rebirth of militia and patriotic movements in this country in the last ten years, and it is this regeneration that provides the opportunity reconstruct the dominant ideology. It is the new disenfranchised Americans that are going to feed the fire. The pro gun, anti feminism, anti gay, pro home schooling, anti secular, anti government radicals being called to arm themselves against a meddling the Jewish controlled government, media, and banks. This movement has had a facelift, and it is a force to be reckoned with.

In the movie American History X, this representation of the white supremacy movement is that of the "DOC" a fake skin head organization. The fact is most people know very little about what it means to be a skin head. Our reality is socially constructed by what we have seen in the media, and taught from our peers and parents. This movie, though not a perfect representation, is still a good one.

A skin head is a soldier of the Fourth Reich. This subculture is predominately male, white, middle class, with a cropped or shaved head. Some have tattoos and are readily identifiable. Others prefer to recognized by their unique manner of dress which consists of Dr. Marten's or some form of combat boot, suspenders, flight jackets, and rolled up jeans. Like all organizations they have a code of dress, and every insignia and color represents some facet of organization, for example, their boot laces represent their willingness to shed blood for the white race, assuming they are red. They have their own distinctive type of music. A lot of people draw some correlation between the skin head movement and the neo nazi movement, but the fact is, although, they may share some ideology, they are two distinct organizations.

The skin head concept was originated in England. It was developed by white, middle class, factory working youth. They weren't trying to develop some unique style, their shaved heads were a necessity for the type of work they did. Under the tremendous pressures, the group yielded to the social and economic hardships of the day. They blamed the immigrants pouring into Britain for the lack of jobs, and the deterioration of life as they knew it. And thus, the movement was born.

Try to find the partisan discourse in what you are exposed to. What I mean is what are they not telling you? What facts have they left out? Think critically!




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