An Essay About A Greek Orthodox Wedding

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                                The Wedding of Saad & Micheline

        On the sixteenth of July in the year two thousand my uncle Saad

married Micheline. The day started off at 4:00 at the church of St.

George in Lebanon. The bride was brought to the church by two of the fathers

both holding each side of her hand followed by members of his and her family.

Then the Bride and Groom met each other outside at the front of the church.

Before they entered the church the groom lifts up his brides veil and kisses her on

the cheek and everyone dances for them. Then after that before they enter the

church they cut the rope in half and at that point the ceremony begins at the church

and ends at the altar.

         The Bride, Groom, and their attendants gather at the vestibule of the church.
The priest comes to meet them. The Bride and Groom stand before the priest, the

Groom to the right of the Bride. He asks them if they come of their own free will,

and if they have not promised themselves to someone else. The Priest then invites

the Bride and Groom, and the attendants, to enter the church and stand before the

altar. The rings are blessed and placed on the fourth finger of the right hand of the

Groom and the Bride. Then he exchanges the rings between them three times

signifying that their lives are to be with each other forever. After that the Priest

places a portion of his vestment over their crossed hands and they recite the

marriage vows.

        The Marriage Ceremony begins immediately. It starts with the Priest giving

the Bride and room lighted candles which they hold throughout the service. The

candles indicate that Christ, the Light of the World, will light the way of their new

life together. The Priest will then join the right hands of the couple. The Priest

then holds the wedding crowns, joined by a ribbon, and makes the sign of the cross

with them three times over the Bride and Groom. The crown is kissed by the

Groom before it is placed. The same happens with the Bride. The priest removes

the crown from the Groom first, then offers words and the Groom kisses the crown.
The same is done with the Bride. Following that the couple drink wine from a

common cup. It signifies that they will be sharing the happiness and sorrows of

life together. The Priest will then lead the couple around the Wedding table or altar

table three times. He holds the Bible in his hand, reminds the Bride and Groom

that the Word of God should lead them through life. The circle represents eternal

marriage, for a circle has neither a beginning or an end. The ceremony ends with a

prayer. The priest uses the Bible to uncouple the hands of the Bride and Groom

signifying that only God can come between them.

        Directly following the ceremony the Bride and Groom and their family stand

outside of the church in a line and everyone kisses them and congratulates them.

Some close relatives give the Bride gold jewelry while others give her money.

After that is finished they go to the Grooms house and everyone is happy and

dancing for them. Then the Bride steps out of the car with her husband and she is

carried by couple of guys because she has to bless the house. By blessing the

house she is given a small piece of dough and she has to place it on top of the door.
After placing it on top she makes the sign of the cross and on each end of the cross

she puts a coin signifying the father the son and the holy spirit. This also gives

good luck to both the Bride and the Groom in the future.

        A year and a half later Saad and Micheline are happily married with a baby

girl named Mary Linn. They continue to live a loving and wonderful life and plan

on having more than one child.
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