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Conformity is an essential part of every culture. It's basic a likeness and understanding that can draw people together. A culture who has citizens who conform will be stronger. The regularity brings power, and stability. Because if all men are equal, then those who are together will become stronger than those alone. Conformity can be small things as simple as speaking the lands native language, or it can require more like following the laws and paying the taxes. It can even mean following a religious deity or having an arranged marriage. It's just allowing yourself to be a part of the norm. There is truth in the statement "united we stand, divided we fall".

Conformity is a necessary tool of all real progression. People die, and things are lost. That's why cultures matter. Cultures have existed longer than any man can remember, and effected many. If an idea, or invention or anything else is good or substantial, it can be passed on through a culture. Cultures make it possible for the thoughts and actions of man to withstand mortality, more substantially. So by adhering to a norm or a law, you can accept the knowledge of others. By accepting and participating in a culture, you mix the ideals of others with your own, for better or worse. It's creates a never ending cycle of the growing wisdom of more than one man. By conforming, it means that mankind isn't damned to repeat itself eternally, because every man only works for himself. Our collective forms our culture, which changes with everything we do. We can grow and become greater, rather than simply existing.

        For as long as I can remember, I've gone to school. School is a tool of learning, and conformity. It prepares me to go out, and work for my government. My knowledge and skill will most likely benefit my culture, which will benefit others. All children are required to go to school. This regularity of knowledge makes America stronger. It makes me stronger, and it makes everyone around me stronger. I've been taught to get a job, to get decent grades, and to respect others. All cultural norms. Everyone contributes to society, though their actions. The more educated people become, the richer their contributions to society become, and the faster society will be able to change. The more educated America is, the faster it will advance, and the more educated America will become.

Conformity is the basis of any successful culture. It will bring strength to a society. By conforming, it makes it possible for mankind to progress, and become greater. By conforming, your actions can live longer than yourself. So, without a basic amount of it, nothing will change for the better. No one gets an ice cream cone if they do no stand in the single file line.
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